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Salon Hygiene post Covid-19

Salon services are high on touch, with salonists in close proximity to clients. Post Covid-19, salons will be expected to maintain a very high level of hygiene to ensure the safety of their staff and clients.

About the Suraksha Salon Program

Here we aim to share safety and hygiene guidelines on every aspect of a salon’s infrastructure and services. We’ve included discussions on the staff and client safety measures and then highlighted the important points to keep in mind during hair & skin services

Guidelines for Salon Sanitization

  • Read and follow the Salon Suraksha guidelines

  • Strictly implement the daily hygiene checklist

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times

  • Wipe all the surfaces with disinfectant solution

  • Do not allow anyone with flu symptoms in the salon

  • Disinfect after every service: Reception area, salon chairs, backwash, taps, products, etc.

  • Sterilize metallic tools by dipping them in disinfectant solution

  • Disinfect high touchpoint zones every 3 hours

  • Disinfect common areas every 3 hours: Pantry, washroom & reception

  • Tear disposable capes, aprons, masks, gloves, cups while discarding to avoid reuse

  • Dispose of waste in a dustbin with self-closing lid

  • Spray all the surfaces with disinfectant solution, before closing the salon

Ensuring Client Safety

Clients are looking forward to visiting salons for services. To provide clients with great service, in a safe environment, you will need to ensure:

  • Operate on appointments only No. of stylists = No. of appointments

  • Ask clients to carry minimum personal belongings

  • No waiting area in the salon. No newspapers and magazines

  • Ask clients to not use hands to open the door

  • Greet without touching

  • Provide disposable shower caps to cover footwear

  • Ensure clients are wearing a mask

  • Do a temperature check at the entrance

  • Insist the client to sanitize their hands as soon as they enter

  • Provide clients with a disposable or disinfected cape to wear

  • Avoid speaking during the service

  • Insist on digital payments to avoid handling cash and coins

Learn more through our video

Learn more through our video

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Principles of Employee Safety

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  • Work with 50% staff and in shifts

  • Ask the staff to use elbows or knees to open the door

  • Wear uniform and separate footwear in salon

  • Do a temperature check of the staff everyday

  • Ask the staff to sanitize their hands as soon as they enter

  • Always wear an apron, mask and gloves

  • Create a personal tool kit for each stylist to avoid sharing of tools

  • Assign a stylist to each service to minimize multiple contact

  • Use sanitizer before and after every service

  • Change gloves after each service

  • Instruct the staff to take a bath before interacting with their family

  • Carry your own cutlery and lunch

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Precautions to be taken during Hair, Skin & Makeup services

Important guidelines to keep in mind while performing Hair services in salon.

  • Ensure stylists and clients wear masks at all times

  • Wear gloves for every hari service

  • Use disposable capes and towels. Discard after every service

  • Wear an apron throughout the service. Change after every service

  • Do not speak during the service

  • For haircuts, maintain personal toolkits

  • For blow dry / styling, wipe electric equipment with alcohol based sanitizer

  • For beard shave, avoid trimmers and use disposable blades or sterilized ustra

  • Dispose of waste in a dustbin with self-closing lid

  • Wash bowls, brushes, combs, etc. with disinfectant solution after every service

  • Sterilize scissors, blades, and ustra after every service

  • Disinfect work station, salon chair, backwash chair, backwash basin, taps, products used after every service

Precautions to be taken during Hair Services

Important guidelines to keep in mind while performing Hair services in salon.

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  • Customer should wear a mask

  • Provide clients with a salon gown to wear

  • Staff to wear apron and mask for all services. New apron for every service

  • Use product from spray bottles / bowls / palettes. Discard extra product post service

  • For facials, use disposable bed sheet, towel, spatula, headband and bowls

  • For waxing, use cartridge wax

  • For threading, use tweezers or make a knotted loop with fingers. Do not use mouth

  • Do airbrush make-up. Scrape and use lipsticks instead of applying it directly

  • For massage, use no touch oil applicator dispensers

  • Disinfect machines, galvanic, UV nail dryer with sanitizer after every use

  • Sterilize tweezers, nail clippers and cuticle cutter

  • Wipe down the service area post every service with a disinfectant

Precautions to be taken during Skin & Make up Services

Important guidelines to keep in mind while performing Hair services in salon.

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Sanitizing High Touch Points

High Touchpoints are those that are frequently touched by multiple people. Take Sanitization Breaks every 3 hours to clean the high touch points with a cloth dipped in a disinfectant liquid.

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  • Backwash Chair

  • backwash Sink

  • Door

  • Electric Switches

  • keys

  • Land line

  • Mouse

  • Music System

  • Products_Tools

  • Reception Counter

  • Salon Chair

  • tabs

  • Trolley

  • Work station


World Health Organization (WHO) has been constantly monitoring the situation and giving out regular updates on some commonly asked question regarding the global pandemic that is COVID-19. Here are some of the facts:

What precautions need to be followed while opening the salon?

Disinfect all surfaces - including chairs, wall, floor, mirror, reception area, wipe equipment and tools, mop floor - with Tetragene 5 ml/ltr of water.

Use sanitizer with an alcohol base of 70% for all electric switches and electric and electronic appliances.

Thoroughly clean and disinfect common areas - washroom, pantry, etc

What instructions should be given to the salon staff?

Wear your uniform, apron, mask, gloves, and head cap before starting work. Change the apron and gloves after every service. Use sanitizer frequently and wash hands for 20 seconds at regular intervals. Use a sanitizer before and after using the restroom

Uniforms need to be put for washing daily. Take a bath twice each day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Do not touch surfaces with bare hands. Do not chew tobacco or smoke while working. Do not report to work if you're not feeling well. Do not meet family members at home without taking a bath first. Greet customers with a NAMASTE with your hands folded. Do not shake hands with anyone. Follow these guidelines strictly.

What are the important points to consider for high touchpoints in a Salon?

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not touch any object or surface with your bare hands as it can spread the disease. Use disinfected accessories and equipment only. Use hand sanitizer before and after touching any objects or surfaces. Follow social distancing norms at the salon. Do not use the fullest capacity of the salon.

What chemicals are required for cleaning and disinfecting?

A solution of 5ml of Tetragene mixed in 1ltr water is recommended for cleaning chairs, surfaces and accessories, floor mopping and dipping of equipment.

A solution of 5ml of TN 8 mixed in 1-litre water should be used for spraying in the salon while closing it every evening. The gas and fumes will reach every comer of the salon. Keep the salon closed for at least 5 hours for the best result.

Make a fresh disinfectant solution every day. Do not reuse any disinfectant solution. Discard the excess in the drain.

Use a sanitizer with an alcohol-base of 70% to sanitize electric appliances and switches.

What is the time required for a thorough cleaning of every surface / equipment?

It will take at least 20 minutes each time to disinfect counter, chairs, backwash, and mop the floor.

It will take 15-20 minutes to spray the TN8 solution before the closing of the salon.

Are these chemicals easily available in the market?

Yes. Recommended chemicals are readily available in the market. It is advisable to maintain one month's stock to avoid shortage or delay, 5 litres each of TN 8 and Tetragene should be sufficient for 1 to 2 months depending on the size of the salon.

Do these chemicals have any side-effects?

TN 8 causes irritation to the skin and eyes upon contact. Hence, it is advisable to spray this solution while closing salon in the evening as it releases gas and fumes when it evaporates.

Tetragene is one of the safest chemicals to use as a disinfectant and it is effective against the virus

Any precautions & measures to be taken while using these chemicals?

Do not mix the chemical solution with bare hands. Cover your mouth and nose while spraying, cleaning and mopping. For mopping, the solution needs to be changed daily and cannot be reused the next day.

Avoid skin or eye contact with TN 8 as it can cause irritation.

Any particular measures to be taken care of while disposing of salon waste?

All disposable waste material should be put in a self-closing dustbin in a disposable bag and disposed of daily. The mouth of the disposable bag should be tied with rope to avoid spillage. Do not throw it on the road or any other public area. Place it in municipalities' targe dustbin for further disposal.

What precautions should be taken for client safety in the salon?

Customer should not enter the salon if he/she sick or has a high fever, cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms. The salon staff should check the temperature of clients with a temperature gun before entering the salon. Check the customer's travel history in the last 15 days. The client should cover their footwear with a disposable shower cap before entering the salon.

Customers should be wearing a mask and be provided with a disposable cape or salon gown during the salon service. Advise the client to put their garments for washing as soon as they reach home and also take a bath before interacting with any family members.

How should monetary transactions be handled in the salon?

All payments should be made through digital platforms such as Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, and UPI only.

If the customer pays by cash, do not touch it directly with bare hands. Use a hand glove or a separate tray to collect it. Insist on exact change. Do not touch the notes and coins for 48 hours.

Tetragene solution can be used to wipe notes and coins.

In case of credit card payment, provide the client with a tissue to enter the PIN. Disinfect the machine after the transaction is completed.

What steps should be followed by clients and employees post a salon visit?

Post a salon visit, garments need to be put for a wash immediately. The person needs to take a bath. He/she should not interact with anyone before bathing and changing into fresh clothes.


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