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Not good at all

The claim that hair shines is a lie, bad product

Galani Ranchhod

Shine On! Shine Spray (200ml)

Arpit Maheshwari

Shine On! Shine Spray (200ml)

Aruna Malini
Makes hair supper soft

Go for it. Salon like smoothness

Anjum Khan
Good product

Gives you instant shine and frizz free hair

Description Learn more about this product

Has your hair become dull and lifeless? Do you miss the natural shine of your locks? 

If the answer to the above questions is ‘yes,’ then fear not, we’ve something in store that will surely bring you a sigh of relief. The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray is a one-stop solution for dull and frizzy hair. This advanced sulphate-free polishing formula instantly brings about an intense shine to your hair and leaves it glossy, conditioned, and detangled. So, bid goodbye to dull tresses and give your hair a radiant finish with the Hair Shine Spray today.

Net Quantity - 120g / 200ml

Manufactured by - M/s Pritam International Pvt. Ltd.Kh No.138, Raipur Industrial area, Bhagwanpur, Roorkee, Haridwar, Uttarakhand – 247667. M.L.No. 10/C/UA/2013
Marketed by - Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. *Registered Address : Godrej One, 4th Floor, Pirojshanagar, Eastern Express Highway, Vikhroli (East), Mumbai – 400079. *Trademark Owner

What Makes Hair Lose Its Natural Sheen? Learn more about who can use Godrej Professional Shine on Spray

There are a number of factors that contribute to making hair dull, brittle and lifeless. These can include everyday practices including your diet and lifestyle changes. Some common causes for hair losing its natural sheen are as follows, 

  • Use of harsh shampoos and conditioners.
  • Undergoing toxic chemical treatments.
  • Utilising poor hair brushing techniques.
  • Following a diet that lacks essential nutrients.
  • Overwashing your hair with strong shampoos.
Is a Shine Spray Good for Hair? 

Shine Sprays are great styling tools and can be used regularly to add a layer of gloss to your hair. You can transform the appearance of your hair with a hair shine spray by making it soft, smooth and glossy.

Looking for good hair shine products? At Godrej Professional, you can find the best shine spray for fine hair, thick hair, and in fact, all Indian hair types. Our hair shine spray is sulphate and paraben free.

Benefits of Using The Best Hair Shine Spray What are the benefits of using a spray for instant hair shine?

The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray is a one-of-a-kind hair shine spray in India that gives your hair an instant glossy look. It is devoid of any sulphates and parabens making it the ideal formulation for all hair types. 

  • It is a one-stop solution for dull and frizzy hair.
  • It detangles hair making it soft, smooth and manageable.
  • It helps in maintaining the bounce of your hair.
  • It conditions hair leaving a radiant finish, anytime, anywhere.
What is the Difference Between a Shine Spray and Hairspray? Learn more about this product

Not sure whether to opt for a shine spray or hairspray? While both hair care products seem to do the same trick, the difference lies in the duration of the outcome. 

A hairspray is a styling product that combats hair frizz, flyaways and dullness, leaving you with soft and manageable hair. It also adds gloss to hair holding it in place for a longer duration. On the other hand, a shine spray benefits hair with the same features but with a rather intense boost of gloss. It has minimum hold.

If you’re looking for that extra shine for your hair - choose a hair shine spray from Godrej Professional for best results.

How To Apply The Godrej Professional Hair Shine Spray? Learn more about how to use this unique hair smoothing spray by Godrej Professional that makes your hair soft and bouncy, adding a layer of gloss as needed.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Hold it at an upright position, 6 inches away from the hair.
  • Spray it on the lengths of your hair.
  • The micro diffusion hair shine spray will distribute the mist evenly on your hair.
Is the Hair Styling Spray Suitable for All Hair Types? Learn more about who can use Godrej Professional hair spray for frizzy hair.
  • It’s colour-safe and suitable for colour-treated hair.
  • It’s also suitable for all Indian hair types to combat dullness and frizz.
  • Both men and women can use this Godrej Professional Hair Shine Spray.
Godrej Professional Hair Care Routine To keep your hair shiny, and frizz-free, you must follow the below-mentioned Godrej Professional hair care routine:
  • Wash your hair with a Godrej Professional Shampoo.
  • Apply a Godrej Professional hair mask/conditioner to damp, shampooed hair.
  • Allow your hair to dry and use the Godrej Professional Hair Shine On! Shine Spray to give it a sleek look.

    The Shine Spray from Godrej Professional should be the last step of your hair care routine, ensuring that your tresses receive much-needed shine. Since it is suitable for all hair types, the hair spray price makes it a worthy purchase and lasts long, depending on your usage.

    Use it after every hair wash to make your tresses shiny. You can also use this hair styling spray if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix for your hair while stepping out.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Godrej Professional Quinoa Smooth Shampoo
  • 1. What is the hair shine spray used for?
The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray can be used to make dull and frizzy hair soft, shiny and manageable. It can be used after every hair wash to keep your hair health in check or as a quick-fix solution for your hair if you’re stepping out in a hurry and want your hair game to be flawless.
  • 2. Which hair types does this product suit?
The Godrej Professional Shine On Spray can be used on any Indian hair type. It is also safe to be used on colour-treated hair. Because of its no sulphate and no paraben formulation, it is safe and gentle for daily use.
  • 3. How often should this product be used?
This product can be used once a day to style your hair.
  • 4. Is this product suitable for coloured hair?
Yes, this product is colour-safe and can be used on colour-treated hair.
  • 5. Can this product be used by both men and women?
Yes, this product is suitable for both men and women.
  • 6. Is hair shine good for hair?

Every hair type consists of a natural sheen that comes out if the strands are thoroughly nourished and moisturised. However, due to poor hair health, the natural sheen of hair can be lost, making hair look dull and lifeless. Hence, the Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray comes to the rescue by providing instant hair shine with a few sprays.

It is safe for every hair type owing to its gentle formulation, and can easily be applied once every day to style hair, as required.

  • 7. What is the expiry date of this product?
This product can be used for 30 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • 8. What should be done if the product comes in contact with your eye?
Rinse your eyes with water immediately; in case the irritation persists, please consult a doctor immediately.
    • 9. What is the delivery timeline for the product?
    Your orders will mostly be dispatched within 1-4 business days (excluding Sundays and public holidays). However, in some cases, the delivery time could be subject to location proximity of the serviceable pin codes, or any unforeseen condition.
    • 10. Is delivery chargeable?
    Free shipping is applicable on all orders above Rs. 499.