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Step By Step Tutorial


Take a zig-zag veil section on the top, around the parting. Now start by taking panels beneath the veil section - these panels should be diagonal and 1-inch thick.

Step 1

The Peek-A-Boo Panels - Use Platinum Blonde (Crème Lightener) with 20 VOL 1:2 ratio. Lift the hair to level 6 which is dark orange undertone. Then shampoo, rinse and dry hair.

Step 2

Red Panels - For roots apply Godrej Professional No Ammonia shade 4.20 and 5.62 in equal proportion with 20 VOL. For mid-lengths and ends use 6.62 with 20 VOL and for ends use Cherry Red with 30 VOL.

Step 3

The Pre-Lightened Panels - Apply alternate slices of Cherry Red with 20 VOL and Red Passion with 10 VOL. The roots are 4.20 with 5.62 in equal proportion with 20 VOL.

Step 4

The Veil Section - For roots 4.20 with 5.62 in equal proportion with 20 VOL and for mid-lengths and ends 5.62 with 20 VOL.

Step 5

Process the hair colour for 30 minutes.

Step 6

Wash and condition the hair with Godrej Professional Colour Lock Shampoo and Mask.