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Your hair is your permanent crown and that is why it is of utmost importance to not just wash and maintain it with proper care, but also style it well. The Godrej Professional’s...

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How does Hair Spray Improve your Hair Styling?

Hair spray gives you the freedom to style and fashion all kinds of different hairstyles that last for a long time. Moreover, it helps in adding much needed life and gleam to your dry tresses while also detangling them so that you can brush through your locks easily. The Godrej Professional’s range of Hair Sprays are paraben and sulphate-free that give your hair a long-lasting smooth, shiny finished look. These sprays don’t leave behind any greasy residue.

Benefits of using a Hair Spray

Hair Sprays offer many benefits for your hair, including:

  • Glossy Look: Hair sprays help in giving your locks a glossy and radiant look. It boosts your dull hair into shiny and gorgeous tresses you can flaunt with confidence.
  • Hold Your Style: Hair sprays help you hold a hairstyle for long durations. You can rework and redo your hairstyles without worrying about it all falling apart as hair sprays seal your hair with a strong grip.
  • Volume and Bounce: A hair spray helps in adding the desired volume and bounce to your hair, bringing it back to life.

  • Godrej Professional’s range of Hair Sprays are sulphate and paraben-free with a non-sticky and non-greasy formula. The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray adds an intense natural sheen to your hair and helps you do away with frizzy and lifeless hair. If your hair is dry and dull more often, using the Shine hair spray can help make your hair feel and look a lot smoother and softer. The Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray helps you mould your hair in many ways and keep it intact for hours and hours.

    Choosing the Right Hair Spray for Your Hair

    How to Choose a Premium Hair Styling Spray for your Hair?

    There are many hair styling sprays and hair setting sprays available in the market. It’s important to know how to choose the right one for your hair. Some tips to keep in mind while choosing the perfect hair spray are:

    • Ingredients: Before buying any hair spray, make sure you read what ingredients are being used in the products. Ensure that these ingredients aren’t harmful to your hair and what properties they hold in terms of advantages they can offer for your hair.
    • What it offers: Different hair sprays offer different kinds of features. Some are shine specific, some are hold specific, some are volume specific and so on. Match your needs with what the hair spray offers.
    • Hair Type: Hair sprays are also available as per different hair types and concerns. Some hair sprays are specifically formulated for frizzy hair, some for dull hair, while some add a fuller look to thin hair.
    • Trusted Brands: Only purchase hair care products from trusted brands such as Hair Sprays by Godrej Professional.
    Hair Styling Sprays Price Online

    Godrej Professional Hair Styling Sprays & Prices

    Godrej Professional offers an incredible range of hair spray products that are free of chemicals like paraben and sulphate, and are useful for all hair types.

    1. The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray is your one-stop solution for your lacklustre and frizzy hair. It conditions your hair, straightening out knots. Its advanced polishing formula instantly makes your hair glistening, softened and detangled.

    Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray (200 ml) Price - Rs. 319

    1. The Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray helps in setting your hairstyle and providing it a strong, lasting grip. It’s a microdiffusion spray that spreads evenly across your hair, without leaving any powdery or sticky residue.

    Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray (300 ml) Price - Rs. 356


    Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Sprays

    1. What is the use of a Hair spray?

    A hair spray can be useful in styling your hair, holding the style intact for long periods of time, as well as for adding shine and volume to your hair.

    2. Is it safe to use Hair setting spray?

    Yes, hair setting sprays are safe to use on hair. The only thing to be cautious about is not over-using it, and keeping the quantity in moderation. Plus, make sure to avoid its build-up.

    Also, hair sprays can cause irritation if it enters your mouth or eyes, hence be very careful while using them.

    3. Can you remove Hairspray with water?

    In some cases, it is quite possible to wash off hairspray with water. But this depends on the spray’s effectiveness and if it has water-proof qualities. Additionally, it also depends on how strong the hold of the spray is and the amount of the product applied. A hair spray with a low-level hold might wash off easily with water while a strong hold might require the need of a cleansing agent like a professional shampoo.

    It is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the hairspray so that there is no product build-up.

    4. Can I use Hairspray on a daily basis?

    Yes, you can use hairspray on a daily basis as long as you follow some guidelines, such as:

    • Use it in moderation, don’t apply too much of the product
    • Spray it from a distance and avoid keeping it too close to your hair or face
    • Avoid spraying directly onto your scalp
    • Use a clarifying shampoo to avoid build-up
    • Stop using if you notice any kind of damage or irritation

    5. Can I use Hair spray on wet hair?

    No, avoid using hair spray on wet or damp hair. Hair sprays are formulated to set and style your hair, helping you with a finished look. If used on wet hair, it can lead to your hair losing its shape and becoming sticky on drying. Hence, they are to be applied on dry hair for best results.