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10% off on all your favourite hair products. Shop now!
10% off on all your favourite hair products.

Hair Care Range

  • Keratin Shampoo
    Godrej Professional Keratin Rich Shampoo
    Sold out
    For Normal to Dry Hair

    Keratin Rich Shampoo

    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00

    Infused with hydrolyzed keratin, the Godrej Professional Keratin Rich Shampoo strengthens your hair strands by creating a protective barrier aroun...

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    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00
    Sold out
  • Godrej Professional Honey Moisture Shampoo
    Save 10%
    For Dry and Damaged Hair

    Honey Moisture Shampoo

    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00

    The Honey Moisture Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of honey and nourishing oils, and it works effectively on dry and damaged hair. Regular u...

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    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00
    Save 10%
  • Godrej Professional Avocado Nourish Shampoo
    Save 10%
    For Frizzy Hair

    Avocado Nourish Shampoo

    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00

    Crafted by combining essential vitamins, nutrients, and more, the Avocado Nourish Shampoo keeps your hair deeply nourished and moisturized. It wo...

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    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00
    Save 10%
  • Godrej Professional Quinoa Smooth Shampoo
    Save 10%
    For Frizzy Hair

    Quinoa Smooth Shampoo

    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00

    The Quinoa Smooth Shampoo is a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo that has been made with a touch of nature. It works effectively on dry, rough...

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    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 315.00
    Save 10%

From the introduction of advanced hair treatments to a myriad of special haircare products flooding the market, the haircare and styling industry has evolved massively over the past decade. Today, you’ve countless ways to care for your much-loved tresses. As no look is perfect and complete without locks that are smooth and shiny, haircare has become all the more important. And to help you edge closer to your ultimate hair goal, Godrej Professional brings to you a wide range of exclusive haircare products specially formulated for Indian hair. Be it shampoos, masks, conditioners, hair oils, or leave-in creams, our haircare arsenal is sure to drive away all your hair-related woes.

Godrej Professional Haircare Products Here's a sneak peak at the different haircare products from Godrej Professional
Hair Shampoos Hair Masks Leave-In Serums Sulphate-Free Range
Avocado Nourish Shampoo Avocado Nourish Mask De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream Keracare Repair Shampoo
Honey Moisture Shampoo Honey Moisture Mask Protect Shine Serum Keracare Repair Mask
Quinoa Smooth Shampoo Quinoa Smooth Mask - Keracare Recharge Shampoo
Keratin Rich Shampoo Keratin Rich Mask - Keracare Recharge Conditioner
Haircare for Men and Women Here’s a quick guide to the perfect hair care routine for men and women that can help level up your hair game.

You must treat your hair with ample love and care to ensure that it remains in the best of its health. Whether you have curly, straight, coily, or wavy hair, you must adapt to a healthy haircare routine if you wish to sport flawless and fabulous hair. The good news is that you don’t have to strive relentlessly to get strong and healthy locks; instead, with minor changes in your lifestyle and hair care regimen, you’ll be able to flaunt the tresses you’ve always longed for.

Use the Right Shampoo and Mask

It’s no secret that your hair care products play a crucial role in defining your hair health. Therefore, it is imperative that you use the right shampoos and hair masks that aren’t loaded with harmful chemicals. While shampoos boost the strength and shine of your locks, hair masks tame frizz and help repair damaged hair.

Avoid Hot Showers

Washing your locks with hot water opens up the pores and drains away the natural oils from your hair and scalp, dehydrating them in the process. This lack of moisture makes your hair fragile. So make sure that you use cold or lukewarm water to shampoo your hair.

Minimize Heat Styling

Using heating tools such as blow-dryers, curlers, etc., too often damages your hair and makes it dull and frizzy. Therefore, try to minimize the use of heat styling tools. Additionally, it is advisable to apply a heat protectant serum or cream to your hair to protect it from heat styling damage.

Watch Your Diet

Your diet is responsible for providing you with much-needed nourishment. A balanced diet enriched with essential nutrients will thus help you sport healthy and glossy locks. On the other hand, if your diet lacks vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, it will reflect in the form of brittle and damaged hair. So, make sure that you consume a healthy diet that includes fruits, grains, vegetables, lentils, and leafy greens, etc.

How to Choose the Perfect Haircare Product for You? Learn more about choosing the perfect haircare product

With a variety of haircare products available in the market, choosing one the best haircare product that suits your hair type can be a tedious task. Thus, to help you choose the right haircare product, we have jotted down some of the major parameters that you must look for before making the final decision:

  • You must opt for haircare products that aren’t heavily loaded with chemicals.
  • Always keep your hair type in mind, i.e. whether dry or oily, before choosing a haircare product for yourself.
  • If you have coloured locks, make sure that you settle for colour-safe haircare products.
  • Haircare products that are sulphate-free should be your first pick.
  • Read product reviews before finalising.
Haircare Products by Godrej Professional Learn more about the specialities of haircare products from the house of Godrej Professional.

With over four decades of expertise in the haircare and styling industry, Godrej Professional brings to you a range of products that meet the criteria mentioned above. No matter what your hair type, Godrej Professional products can work magic on your tresses and help you sport envious locks that are to die for.

1. Hair Shampoos

Avocado Nourish Shampoo

Enriched with the goodness of almond oil and avocados, the Godrej Professional Avocado Nourish Shampoo has a touch of nature. It is ideal for damaged and fragile hair and can be extremely helpful in making your tresses smooth and shiny.

Avocado Nourish Shampoo – Price Rs. 350

Honey Moisture Shampoo

Infused with the goodness of honey and nourishing oils, the Honey Moisture Shampoo aims to provide complete nourishment to your hair and revitalize it. Regular use of the Honey Moisture Shampoo can reduce dryness and make your hair soft and glossy.

Honey Moisture Shampoo – Price Rs. 350

Quinoa Smooth Shampoo

Ideal for dull and frizzy hair, this Quinoa Smooth Shampoo is enriched with hydrolysed quinoa protein. It helps maintain the protein balance in your hair and provides moisture to your locks, making it shiny, soft, and manageable.

Quinoa Smooth Shampoo – Price Rs. 350

Keratin Rich Shampoo

This hair shampoo works wonderfully towards restoring the lost keratin and nourishing the hair. The Keratin Rich Shampoo makes your hair smooth, supple, and shiny. When used with the Keratin Smooth Mask, it can also help control frizz and make your hair more manageable and easier to style.

Keratin Rich Shampoo – Price Rs. 350

2. Hair Masks

Avocado Nourish Mask

The Avocado Nourish Mask contains natural ingredients such as almond oil and avocado. These ingredients work in unison to moisturize and condition your hair, thereby improving hair strength and boosting shine.

Avocado Nourish Mask – Price Rs. 250

Honey Moisture Mask

The Honey Moisture Mask makes hair manageable and softens it from root to tip while adding an extra bounce. This potent and very effective hair mask is suitable for colour-treated hair and renders protection from harsh elements.

Honey Moisture Mask – Price Rs. 250

Quinoa Smooth Mask

The Quinoa Smooth Mask is an anti-frizz hair mask that makes your hair soft, lustrous, and manageable. Applying this hair mask will bring back the gloss in your locks by giving them a moisture-boost. It is suitable for both men and women.

Quinoa Smooth Mask – Price Rs. 250

Keratin Rich Mask

Keratin is the primary ingredient in the Keratin Rich Mask. This sulphate-free mask strengthens the ends of your hair, leaving it smooth, flexible, and lustrous. It also plays a crucial role in keeping the hair healthy and strong.

Keratin Rich Mask – Price Rs. 250

3. Hair Oils

Nourish Shine Argan Oil

The Nourish Shine Argan Oil will make your hair soft and give it a luxurious sheen. The oil is sulphate-free and does not contain parabens. Moreover, it’s enriched with UV-protect ingredients to give your locks the safety they deserve.

Nourish Shine Argan Oil – Price Rs. 990

Acai Oil

The Godrej Professional Acai Oil will help you keep your hair moisturized and nourished. Acai oil contains antioxidants that help nourish your hair and keep it healthy and glossy.

Acai Oil – Price Rs. 1,050

4. Hair Leave-In Serum and Cream

De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream

The Godrej Professional De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream helps you tackle frizzy hair effectively. This leave-in cream is enriched with the goodness of hydrolysed quinoa to help retain the moisture in your locks. Moreover, it will smoothen your hair to make it look detangled and shiny.

De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream – Price Rs. 400

Protect Shine Serum

The Protect Shine Serum is sure to lighten up your locks and add life to them. Enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil, this sulphate-free serum will moisturize your hair, making it feel smooth and lustrous without leaving behind any residual grease.

Protect Shine Serum – Price Rs. 300

5. Sulphate-Free Products

a. Sulphate-Free Shampoos

Keracare Recharge Shampoo

The Keracare Recharge Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of acai oil and menthol. Acai oil works towards nourishing your mane by restoring its softness and shine, whereas menthol helps in soothing your scalp. This sulphate-free shampoo can help you bid goodbye to dry, unmanageable, and frizzy hair.

Keracare Recharge Shampoo – Price Rs. 990

Keracare Repair Shampoo

The Keracare Repair Shampoo is specially designed for chemically treated hair and is enriched with the goodness of wheat protein and grapeseed oil. It is a sulphate-free shampoo that is sure to improve your hair health and make it glossy and frizz-free.

Keracare Repair Shampoo – Price Rs. 990

b. Sulphate-Free Mask

Keracare Repair Mask

The Keracare Repair Mask is infused with the goodness of grapeseed oil and wheat protein. This mask helps repair hair damage and boost growth. It can work wonders on chemically treated hair and help bring it back to life.

Keracare Repair Mask – Price Rs. 1,050

c. Sulphate-Free Conditioner

Keracare Recharge Conditioner

The Keracare Recharge Conditioner works effectively on frizzy, damaged, colour-treated, dry, or dull tresses. Infused with the goodness of acai oil and wheat protein, the Keracare Recharge Conditioner aids in making your hair soft, manageable, and smooth.

Keracare Recharge Conditioner – Price Rs. 990

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Godrej Professional Haircare Products
  • 1. What makes Godrej Professional’s products different from those on the market?
Godrej Professional’s products are specially crafted to suit the needs of Indian consumers. Our haircare products are sulphate-free, suitable for coloured hair, and can be used by both men and women. Godrej Professional promises to deliver a one-stop solution for all your hair woes!
  • 2. Why choose Godrej Professional for haircare products?
Godrej Professional’s haircare products are made up of ingredients that are sure to boost your hair health. From shampoos to conditioners and leave-in creams, all of its haircare products have a touch of nature and aren’t loaded with toxic chemicals. At Godrej Professional, we recognize the importance of haircare products and work relentlessly towards finding the best solutions for you.
  • 3. When will I receive my order after placing it on the Godrej Professional website?
On average, it takes about 1-4 business days to deliver the products to your doorstep. This does not include Sundays and public holidays. At Godrej Professional, we inspect your products thoroughly before packaging and sending it out via our delivery service. Sometimes, there might be unavoidable shipment delays, but you will receive regular updates about the status of your delivery via SMS and email.
  • 4. What are the different haircare products offered by Godrej Professional?
Godrej Professional has a wide range of unique haircare products that include shampoos, masks, hair oils, and leave-in creams. Both men and women can use these sulphate- and paraben-free products to improve their hair health.
  • 5. What are the different modes of payment available while shopping from Godrej Professional’s website?
We have multiple modes of payment available for you to choose as per your convenience. You can purchase products on Godrej Professional’s website using a credit/debit card, net banking, or even via cash on delivery.