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All You Need To Know About Dull Hair And How To Achieve Shiny Hair?

All You Need To Know About Dull Hair And How To Achieve Shiny Hair?

What’s that one thing that can either make or break your overall look? Well, you won’t have to scratch your head too much, because the answer is quite obvious, your hair. You can wear the best outfit and match it with perfect makeup, but if you have dry, dull, and frizzy locks, your entire appearance will be blemished. On the contrary, healthy, and shiny tresses can not only lift your mood but also bring you closer to that on-point look you have been longing for. So, if you are battling with dull, frizzy hair, it’s about time you invest your efforts in getting healthy, shiny, and gleaming tresses. In this article, we will guide you through some important tips regarding how to achieve shiny hair. But before that, let’s understand what is dull hair, what causes it, and how to fix dull hair.

What Is Dull Hair?

Dull hair basically refers to hair that lacks natural sheen. The symptoms of dull hair include dryness, frizzy mane, and a rough texture. Lack of moisture is the primary main reason for dull and dry tresses. Different practices such as over-washing your locks, excessive heat-styling, prolonged exposure to the sun, etc. can strip off the natural moisture from your locks, making them dull, dry, frizzy, and coarse. Moreover, there are some other causes of dull hair too, which are mentioned below:

Causes Of Dull Hair

  • Consuming a diet that lacks essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Use of harsh, chemically-loaded hair-styling and haircare products.
  • Poor hair brushing techniques.
  • Loss of Keratin from hair.
  • Frequent chemical treatment of hair.

Now that you have a fair understanding of what is dull hair, and its common causes, let’s proceed to check out how to fix dry, dull hair and achieve shiny hair.

How To Achieve Shiny Hair By Fixing Dull Hair?

Shiny hair can bring out its colour and beauty and that’s why it’s essential that you incorporate these hair shine-enhancing tips into your daily haircare routine.

Do Not Over-shampoo Your Hair   


Over-shampooing may drain away the natural oils from your locks, making them dry and dull. Therefore, you must not shampoo your hair daily, instead, consider washing your hair twice or thrice a week. Also, make sure that you do not wash your tresses with harsh shampoos. You must rather opt for shampoos that are packed with essential nutrients that help your tresses regain their lustre. The Keratin Rich Shampoo and Quinoa Smooth Shampoo from the house of Godrej Professional are exclusively made for dry, dull, and frizzy hair. While the Keratin Rich Shampoo restores keratin to your hair and makes each strand smooth and shiny, the Quinoa Smooth Shampoo moisturizes your hair, making it frizz-free and more manageable. For best results, you must apply the hair masks of the same range, i.e. (Keratin Rich Mask and Quinoa Smooth Mask) to your damp and shampooed hair.

Avoid Using Hot Water For Hair Wash  

Hot water can make your hair locks dry and frizzy, whereas cold water seals cuticles that keep your hair shaft laying down, leading to shinier hair. Thus, you must avoid using hot water for washing your hair. Also, make sure that you do not comb wet hair as it is more prone to damage.

Minimize The Use Of Heating Tools


Try to minimize the use of heating tools such as straighteners, curlers, blow-dryers, flat irons, etc. if you want to achieve shiny hair. To prevent your locks from getting damaged due to excessive heat, you can apply the Godrej Professional De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream to your hair beforehand. This heat protectant cream will retain the moisture, leaving your hair detangled and shiny.

Keep Your Hair-Styling Products To Bare Minimum

Using too many hairstyling products can harm your strands and steal their natural shine. Therefore, it’s best to use less hair-styling products. Also, make sure that your hair-styling products are sulphate-free and colour-safe. You can count on the Shine On! Shin Spray and Hold It Hair Spray from the house of Godrej Professional to style your mane.

By following these tips, you will be able to fix dry, dull hair and achieve shiny hair gradually. Since your haircare products play a crucial role in defining your hair health and shine, you must always be mindful of the haircare products you pick for yourself. Choosing the right haircare products can help you sport the kind of locks you have always longed for. Godrej Professional offers a wide variety of sulphate-free and colour-safe haircare and hair-styling products. These products come with a touch of nature and are sure to level up your hair game. Visit Godrej Professional e-store and check out the products now.