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Tiger Eye Bronze

Tiger Eye Bronze

Step By Step Tutorial



Section the hair in four equal parts. Take diagonal back sections and the first three foils are medium and far weaves.


Step 1

Foil No 1 - Take Hazel Gold with 20 VOL from roots to ends. Use Hazel Gold with 40 VOL at the ends.


Step 2

Foil No 2 - use Hazel Gold with 20 VOL at the roots and towards mid-lengths and ends, use Molten Gold with 30 VOL.


Step 3

Foil No 3 - use Hazel Gold with 20 VOL on the roots and Hazel Gold with 40 VOL from mid-lengths to ends.


Step 4

Foil No 4 - Thread lights - Use Platinum Blonde with 20 VOL.


Step 5

After the foiling, use Godrej Professional 6.34 with 40 VOL on every second foil to create movement and texture.


Step 6

Global Colour - Colour the rest of the hair with 6.34 with 30 VOL from mid-lengths to ends and 6.34 with 10 VOL at the roots.


Step 7

Process for 30 minutes.


Step 8

Wash and condition the hair with Godrej Professional Colour Lock Shampoo and Mask.