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Experts Recommend Sulphate-Free Products For Your Hair: Here's Why

Experts Recommend Sulphate-Free Products For Your Hair: Here's Why

How often do you check the ingredients on your shampoo before making a purchase? Have a quick look at the label and check if your shampoo brand contains two ingredients - sodium laureth sulphate and sodium laurel sulphate. Most products are formulated with them to quickly lather up hair to wipe out the dirt and build-up on your scalp. 

Sulphates, also known as surfactants, work up a thick lather on your hair but strip it of its natural oils making it dry, rough, and itchy. That’s why sulphate-free shampoos are a better choice for a healthy scalp and hair. Godrej Professional Experts recommend sulphate-free options to help preserve hair health while making it manageable for a host of reasons.

1. They Are Great For Sensitive Scalps

Buying hair care products for sensitive scalps is no easy task. Prone to itchiness, flakiness, and irritation, the scalp needs a better treatment devoid of harmful chemicals. Hence, it is really important to make the switch to sulphate free shampoos and conditioners that offer a milder solution for your scalp and hair health.

Use the expert-recommended Keracare shampoo and conditioner combo to achieve cleansing, soothing, and nourishment for your scalp and hair. 

Usage Recommendation

  • Wet your hair thoroughly and proceed by taking a small amount of the Keracare Recharge Shampoo.
  • Apply it on your scalp and massage in circular motions.
  • Run the lather through your hair from the lengths to the tips.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly ensuring no product is left behind.
  • Follow up with the Keracare Recharge Conditioner by applying it on the mid-lengths and ends while avoiding the scalp.
  • Leave it on for approximately 3 minutes before rinsing it off.

Suitable for Indian hair, this duo is ideal for frequent hair washes and also suits chemically-treated hair. Look no further for SLS/SLES free products. 

2. They Provide A Special Treatment For Coloured Hair

Hair colour is prone to fading away after each wash. This makes your hair vulnerable, causing dryness and eventually breakage. Moreover, products with SLS/SLES have a poor impact on hair health making it dull and damaged.

Use a sulphate-free alternative like the Keracare Repair Shampoo and Mask can help retain the hair's natural moisture from the roots to the ends.

How to use the reviving combo?

  • Proceed by thoroughly wetting hair and applying a few pumps of the Keracare Repair Shampoo on your scalp.
  • Lather it at the roots and gradually work it through the lengths of hair.
  • Rinse well to wash off the product.
  • Follow up with the Keracare Recharge Mask by applying a generous amount on the scalp and hair.
  • Use your fingers to distribute it evenly and leave it on for at least 5 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly for best results.

Made for colored and chemically-treated Indian hair, here’s your solution to have an intensive hair treatment right at home without any harmful chemicals.

3. They Help In Nourishing Dry Hair

Frizz. Split Ends. Breakage. If that’s how you describe your hair, you are susceptible to dryness that requires constant nourishment. Rather than using normal hair care products with SLS/SLES that strip off the natural oils and moisture from your scalp, a sulphate-free solution to main hair health and texture is always recommended. No better healing treatment than the Acai Oil.

How to use this nourishing elixir for hair?

  • Take a few pumps of the Acai Oil in your palms and apply it to the scalp.
  • Massage evenly in circular motions.
  • Work the product through the mid-lengths and ends.

It is made of a nourishing composition of proteins, omega fatty acids, zinc, and folic acid that help strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips. Don’t forget to include this in your hair care regime for best results.

When you make the switch to sulphate free shampoos, give your hair some time to adjust to this new regime. Check the improvement on your tresses as every wash with Godrej Professional’s sulphate-free range contributes to a fuller and glossier appearance.