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What is Keratin and what are the benefits of keratin for hair?

What Is Keratin and How Does Keratin Benefit Your Hair?

What Is Keratin?

Suffering from dull, dry, frizzy hair? Well, you can blame the lack of keratin for the same. But, what is keratin? Well, it is a natural protein produced in the body and plays a pivotal role in maintaining hair health. It is because of keratin that our hair appears shiny and vibrant. However, constant exposure to the sun, heating tools, chemical-laden products, harmful UV rays, pollution, and other external factors deplete keratin from your hair, making your tresses dull, dry, and damaged in the process.

Having known the answer to: ‘what is keratin protein’, let’s dive in to learn about the benefits of keratin for hair.

Benefits Of Keratin For Hair:

Benefits Of Keratin For Hair

  • Keratin is the building block of your body that keeps your hair strong and healthy.
  • It makes your locks appear smooth, frizz-free and bouncy.
  • Keratin also makes your hair manageable, straighter, and easier to style.

Now that you know what is keratin for hair and its various benefits, let’s proceed to check out the methods in which keratin can be used in your daily haircare routine.

Methods and Uses of Keratin:

Methods and Uses of Keratin
Keratin benefits our hair in several ways. As a result, many individuals use keratin to make their locks healthier and shinier. There are various methods in which you can use keratin for your hair. They are:

1) Keratin Treatments:

Godrej Professional Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment for hair

Keratin not only repairs damaged hair, but also protects it from further damage. This is because keratin is non-permeable and forms a protective layer around the hair. Keratin treatments can significantly improve your hair health and make them healthy and soft.

A keratin treatment involves several steps:

  1. A keratin-rich cream is applied to your hair before it is blown dry and straightened in a salon.
  2. Once the treatment is applied, you are required to keep your hair dry for several days.
  3. On your next visit to the salon to have the chemicals washed out, another treatment is applied to straighten out your hair.

You can ask your hairstylist to use the Godrej Professional Kerasmooth Protein Reconstruction to get the best keratin treatment. It’s a formaldehyde-free formulation enriched with a moisturizing complex that helps replenish keratin in your hair. The Kerasmooth Protein Reconstruction transforms wavy, curly, and frizzy hair into beautiful, smooth, and shiny tresses.

2) Use Keratin-Rich Shampoos And Masks:

Using hair shampoo and masks that are infused with hydrolysed keratin can make your hair damage-resistant. Moreover, it can also reverse the damage done to your tresses by heating tools and harsh hair colour. You can consider using the Godrej Professional Keratin Rich Shampoo and Mask as part of your regular haircare routine. The Keratin Rich Shampoo will strengthen your hair, leaving them smooth, supple, and shiny. For best results, apply the Keratin Rich Mask to damp, shampooed hair.

3) Keratin Supplements:

Keratin in Supplements

Taking keratin supplements is another way of making up for lack of keratin in the body. These supplements come in powder and capsule forms both. However, you should be careful regarding the intake of keratin supplements and consult a professional before using the same. Do not overuse keratin supplements as it can cause too much protein build-up in your body.

To sum up, it can be safely concluded that keratin is a vital component that promotes hair growth. While keratin treatment may help you repair damaged tresses and add smoothness to your hair, keratin-rich shampoos and hair mask will allow you to maintain healthy and shiny locks always.

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1) What is keratin made of?

Keratin is an insoluble, fibrous structural protein that is made of amino acids, the richest of these being cysteine that gives our hair its strength.

2) What is the use of keratin for the hair?

About 91% of our hair is made of keratin, so using keratin-infused hair care products can bring strength, vitality, and sheen to your locks.

3) Is keratin good for hair?

Yes, keratin is good for the hair. It can make your hair frizz-free and easier to style. It works by smoothening down the cells that form your hair strands. The hair cuticles absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks voluminous and glossy.

4) What are the benefits of keratin shampoos?

Keratin-rich shampoos smoothen the hair, revive damaged tresses, prevent frizz, and add sheen to your locks.