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How to stop my hair from aging? These mistakes can age your hair quickly

These 7 Everyday Mistakes Can Age Your Hair Quickly

Your well-thought-out hair care routine can actually damage and age your hair. Wondering what causes white hair at an early age? Certain regular practices to groom your mane can make hair thin, lackluster and dull. Hence, it’s time you bring this phenomenon to a halt.

Godrej Professional experts reveal the 7 common everyday mistakes that cause grey hair at a young age. You can care for your hair in the correct manner by following a ritual that suits you, with the addition of expert-recommended products.

#1 Keeping Your Hair Tied Throughout The Day

Do you have the habit of pulling your hair into a pony whenever you get the chance? Tying your hair is a great way to look your best on greasy hair days, however the daily practice can actually put a lot of pressure on your hair follicles. This can lead to hair fall.

You can tie your hair when you’re having a shower, working out or when the weather is too intense. Otherwise, let your tresses flow and flaunt your mane!

#2 Using The Wrong Hairbrush

A person with fine or thinning hair cannot use a hairbrush that is meant to brush off curly hair. There are different brushes for various hair types. It also depends on the volume of your hair.

Search for suitable options based on the quality of your hair. It is also important to understand that cheap, plastic combs that are readily available in the market can actually harm your scalp. Instead, purchase a boar bristle brush that can stimulate your hair follicles as you run it through your scalp and hair.

#3 Ignoring The Scalp Area

If you do everything for your hair on the outside, how can you tackle the root of your hair concerns? Scalp care is as important as hair care and hence you need to incorporate products that take care of both on a regular basis.

The veins in the scalp become lesser as you age. Hence, constant stimulation is required to improve the quality of the hair follicles. The Keratin Rich Shampoo can ensure that you tackle white hair problems at a young age.

How to use this shampoo?

  • Use the Keratin Rich Shampoo on thoroughly wet hair.
  • Distribute the product evenly on the scalp while massaging it in circular motions.
  • Work the lather through the lengths of hair and rinse well.

By restoring keratin in your hair, this hair care shampoo makes each strand smooth, supple and shiny. It helps control frizz, strengthens the strands and creates a protective barrier around it to protect the hair from sun exposure, dust and pollution.

Combat white hair problems at a young age by using this shampoo at least twice a week.

#4 Washing Your Hair Regularly

While washing your hair whenever it is dirty or greasy is a good practice, doing some very single day can strip off your scalp and hair from their essential oils. Additionally, it can also make hair dry and prone to breakage.

Ideally, washing your hair up to twice or thrice a week can help maintain good hair health without making it too frizzy or unmanageable.

#5 Excess Sun Exposure

Always wear a protective headgear while going out. The UVA and UVB rays harm the cuticles making hair prone to damage. Gradually, your hair can become brittle, with split ends or frizz. 

You can cover your hair in a bun or a ponytail to reduce sun exposure. Additionally, try wrapping it up in a scarf, or wear a hat to match your style.

#6 Using An Intense Shampoo

Godrej Professional Keracare Recharge Sulphate free shampoo

If you do not check your hair care products for ingredients, it’s time you break the habit. Most shampoos contain harmful ingredients like sulphates and parabens that can reduce the quality of your hair. Instead, switch to a mild, sulphate-free alternative to ensure good hair health.

Achieve this with the help of the Keracare Recharge Shampoo that is gentle to your hair, nourishing and hydrating it from the roots to the tips.

Usage Recommendation:

  • Wet your hair thoroughly and apply the Keracare Recharge Shampoo evenly on the scalp.
  • Work up the lather from the roots to the lengths of hair. Lather it at the roots and then work it through the lengths of your hair.
  • Rinse well with cold water for best results.

Enriched with Acai Oil and Menthol, this shampoo adds life to your tresses by moisturizing it, along with providing a cooling sensation on your scalp. It helps combat roughness and dullness, making hair soft, smooth and shiny. 

You can use the shampoo at least twice or thrice a week to make your hair frizz-free and manageable.

#7 Stress-Related Hair Concerns

Stress is one of the major reasons to speed up hair ageing. If you see more than 100 strands shedding in a day, you have to relook at your lifestyle choices and haircare routine to switch it up.

Mindful eating habits, gentle hair care products and indulging in activities to alleviate daily stressors can help improve the quality of your life, and simultaneously, your hair.

Change your hair care routine to stop hair ageing and say hello to hair that is naturally strong, shiny and healthy.