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Christmas Hairstyles

Trendy hairstyles for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, it’s the perfect time of the year to revamp your style quotient. After all, wouldn’t you want to look your best in the upcoming social and family gatherings? Right from your outfit and makeup to hairstyle, you would need to take care of a lot of things once the holidays begin. It’s no secret that a lovely hairstyle can add a wow factor to your overall look. Hence, we are going to take you through some of the trendiest hairstyles that you can don this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Christmas and New Year's Eve Hairstyles

Textured Middle Bun

Christmas Hairstyles- Textured Middle Bun

This is arguably one of the cutest Christmas hairstyles. To create this fashionable updo, the hair is tangled and shaped into an airy bun that gives a messy feel. The style is completed with a tendril escaping one side, and a gleaming hair accessory to add to the Christmas vibe. The textured middle bun hairstyle can be created within a matter of minutes but will look like you put in much more time and effort.

Messy Bow Pony

Christmas Hairstyles- Messy Bow Pony

This easy-to-create, low-maintenance hairstyle is a good fit for New Year’s Eve. To achieve this hairdo, you must gather all your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a giant bow. The messy silhouettes will make your locks appear fuller while adding a carefree vibe to your overall look. Messy Bow Pony is a New Year’s Eve hairstyle that is sure to bring a lot of pleasing compliments your way.

Low Twisted Chignon

A classy chignon is never outdated. In case of this lovely updo, the chignon is worn at the nape of the neck, and the front section of the hair remains slightly twisted on the side. To make the remaining hair sleek and polished, you can use the Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray. To further enhance this New Year’s hairstyle, you can always wear a simple headband pushed towards the crown.

Punky Pixie

If you have really short hair, you must consider giving a shot this Xmas party hairstyle. This different and funky hairstyle can help you edge closer to the glamorous Christmas look you have been aiming for. Also, this hairstyle requires minimum maintenance, and hence it can be a perfect fit when you are hitting up multiple parties and do not have enough time to worry about your hairstyle.

Low Loose Swirl Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for a splendid Christmas night out. In case of a low loose swirl updo, the actual bun is created into a swirl shape, while a hair accessory is sitting at the base. The low bun gives a carefree and relaxed look.

Blunt Cut

Christmas Hairstyles- Blunt Cut hairstyle

Want a simple and classy new year’s hairstyle? Try giving a shot to the blunt cut. To create this hairdo, you must first grab all your hair behind and tie a ponytail. Then, take a few hair ties and secure your ponytail at regular intervals. Lastly, decide the length you want and cut your hair from the last hair tie base.

Loop Bun

This Christmas hairstyle is easy to create. All you have to do is to secure your hair at the nape of your neck and use an elastic to hold them in place tightly. Loop the ends of your hair once more through the elastic. Wrap the excess hair around the base and secure them with a bobby pin.

Pick one of these trendy New Year’s Eve hairstyles and look your best during the most exciting time of the year. To style your hair in a better way, you can make use of the various hair styling products by Godrej Professional. To know more and buy these hair products, visit the Godrej Professional online store now.