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7 Tips on how to manage wavy hair

7 Tips on how to manage wavy hair

Unmanageable, unruly, and frizzy locks are nothing less than a nightmare. And there’s no denying that bad-hair-days can be difficult to get through. While you hustle through the day trying to get your tasks done, a part of your brain is always occupied in thinking of ways to make your hair look good. Moreover, if you have wavy hair, keeping them in place can be even more tiresome. But, fret not, you don’t have to deal with untamed wavy hair forever as we are here to help you out. By following a good haircare routine and incorporating a few essential tips for wavy hair, you will be able to sport the ideal wavy hair look you have always longed for.

Below, we have enlisted some important tips on how to manage wavy hair. Check them out to sport beautiful wavy hair that will surely amplify your overall look.  

How To Manage Wavy Hair?

1. Maintain The Moisture

Moisture plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free. To ensure that your tresses are always well-hydrated, you must use moisturising and nourishing haircare products. And what better than the Honey Moisture Mask & Honey Moisture Shampoo from the house of Godrej Professional. These wavy hair products are infused with the goodness of nourishing oils that help rehydrate your tresses by enriching them with vitamins and antioxidants.

2. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Daily

While shampooing your hair is essential to keep them clean and dirt-free, you must ensure that you do not over-shampoo. This is because over-shampooing can drain away the natural oils from your hair, making them dry, dehydrated, and unmanageable. You must wash your locks 2-3 times a week to maintain healthy hair, while keeping its moisture intact.

3. Allow Your Hair Dry

It’s best to avoid the use of a hairdryer as much as possible. Instead, you must allow your locks to dry naturally. This is because the heat from a hairdryer can damage your hair and make your wavy locks frizzy. However, if using a hairdryer is unavoidable, ensure that you apply a heat protectant product such as the Shampoos & Hair Serums to your locks beforehand. This will protect your locks from getting damaged due to high heat.

4. Say No To Over-styling

Keep your hair-styling products to bare minimum. Also, do not use heating tools such as flat irons, straighteners, curlers, etc. on a daily basis. All of these can damage your hair and stain its natural texture. Since most of the hair-styling products available in the market are heavily loaded with toxic chemicals, you must exercise caution while picking the styling products for yourself. You can count on the below-mentioned hair-styling products offered by Godrej Professional to style your mane. These wavy hair products are sulphate-free, suitable for coloured hair, and enriched with UV protect ingredients.

5. Finish Styling With A Hair Oil

To seal in the moisture and boost the lustre of your wavy hair, you must finish your hairstyling with a lightweight hair oil. You can use the Godrej Professional Nourish Shine Argan Oil or Acai Oil to sport beautiful wavy hair. These hair oils penetrate the hair shafts and follicles, helping you achieve the ideal wavy hair look. Apply these oils evenly on the hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

6. Comb With Your Fingers

Instead of using a comb, you can gently run your fingers through the hair. It will pull your hair less and help to maintain that wavy definition. Also, using your fingers as a comb is a simple and easy way to tame frizz and maintain curls.

7. Trim Your Hair Regularly

This is one of the most important tips for wavy hair. Excessive heat, combing, and brushing can cause split ends, and not getting rid of these split ends can lead to unhealthy and damaged hair. Therefore, it is advisable to trim your hair every six to eight weeks to keep this issue at bay. Getting a regular trim will help you sport healthy, long, and beautiful wavy hair.

Now that you are well-aware of how to manage wavy hair, ensure that you make the most of it to keep your locks in the best shape. It’s no secret that your hair products play a defining role in determining the health of your tresses. Therefore, you must always opt for wavy hair products that do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe to use. On that note, we would like to introduce you to the exclusive haircare and hair-styling products offered by Godrej Professional. Visit Godrej Professional e-store and check out our various products now.