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The Trendiest Hairstyles For Round Face Women

The Trendiest Hairstyles For Round Face Women

Picking the best hairstyles for a round face is actually not that difficult because round faces are pretty versatile. You can easily switch from long layers to a mid-length bob to a cropped pixie and each of those haircuts will look fabulous! However, not everyone wants the roundness of their face accentuated. Some people prefer a more elongated appearance, while others prefer to highlight the natural roundness of their face. Keeping these preferences in mind, below mentioned are some of the best hairstyles for round-face women. They’re evergreen, elegant, and easy to maintain!

Best Hair Styles for Round Face Women:

1. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

An asymmetrical bob is a great hairstyle for a round face as it gives it a more elongated look. Super chic and trendy, you can experiment with the length of your hair on both sides. For perfectly styling your asymmetrical bob every morning, use Godrej Professional’s Hold It Hair Spray. It provides a sturdy long-lasting grip.

2. Side-Swept Pixie Cut

A side-swept pixie cut plays around with the volume of hair on both sides. Once again, the asymmetrical pattern makes the face appear less chubby. This is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces that will look even more stunning with professional highlights.

3. Mid-Length Lob

A medium-length long bob cut, also called a lob cut, beautifully highlights the features of a round face. It is suitable for women with thick as well as fine hair. Use Godrej Professional’s Shine On! Shine Spray to ensure your locks always appear glossy and healthy.

4. Messy Half Top-Knot

This haircut for a round face can be achieved by pulling the top half of your hair into a high top-knot. Fasten the hair using a sturdy hair tie but don’t make it too tight. Let the rest of your hair be open. This will look stunning on women with long hair. To ensure that your hair remains tangle-free through the day, consider using Godrej Professional’s Shampoos & Hair Serums

5. Long Layers With Forehead-Covering Bangs

Give your long rapunzel-like locks a fine layered cut and complement the look with front bangs that cover your entire forehead. One of the best hairstyles for round faces out there, this one will add an endearing touch to your appearance.

6. A Formal Updo With a Voluminous Top

To highlight the beautiful roundness of your face, pull your hair back and fasten it with a hair tie at your crown, while keeping the top section of your hair slightly puffy and voluminous. This haircut for round face goes with professional as well as casual attires.

7. Messy Hair Bun

Instead of a classic tight bun, tie your hair loosely. You can also leave some stray strands on the side of your face so that the bun appears messy and easy. This is a casual hairstyle for round-face women.

8. Pixie Sidecut

While pixie cuts look astonishing on women with round faces, this is another way to give more depth to your appearance. Getting a sidecut, which involves shaving one side of your hair, will make your hair look more dynamic and edgy. It will also require minimum maintenance no matter what time of the year it is. This is a popular short hairstyle for round faces.

9. Delicate Waves For Long Hair

One of the best hairstyles for round-face women who want to switch it up without cutting their hair short, this one involves getting subtle wavy layers that gently fall close to the face on both sides. To keep it looking shiny through the day, wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo like the Godrej Professional Quinoa Smooth Shampoo.

10. Side-Parted Blunt Cut

Blunt cuts are perfectly suited for women with round faces. However, instead of parting your hair from the middle, part it on the side. This will add volume to your appearance.

11. A-Line Bob

A beautiful short hairstyle for round faces, the A-line bob cut has a certain mysterious edge to it. It looks cool but also sophisticated. To further make it more trendy, get professional highlights. Godrej Professional's Hair colour shade will make this haircut stand out in the crowd.

12. Lovely Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs tend to fall wonderfully on round faces. They are generally parted in the centre. However, if you want a side-swept look hairstyle for a round face, then you may push them to one side completely. Curtain bangs add a certain kind of framing to round faces and highlight just enough of it.

13. Choppy Layered Bob Cut

Round faces are always in need of some imbalance and imperfection. And that’s exactly what this haircut for round face is all about. Getting choppy layers makes your hair look a little wild and free.

14. Blunt Cut With Baby Bangs

This hairstyle adds a deep frame to women’s round faces. Baby bangs are different from the regular front or curtain bangs. Baby bangs cover only half of the forehead and look extremely perky!

While getting the right haircut or opting for the perfect hairstyle is important, it’s also crucial to remember that haircare plays an equally important role. The following Godrej Professional haircare products will help you strengthen and manage your hair — straight, wavy, and curly!

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