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The Right Hair Care Products for Your Hair Type

Most of us have hair with it’s peculiar characteristics, but the end goal is always lustrous shiny hair. Despite using many products, we still fail to achieve that mane we wish for. So, the important question remains, are you using the products according to your hair type? Here’s all you need to know.

1. Dry Hair

Although dry hair is not something major to worry about, ignorance can lead to damage and brittle strands. Unprotected sun exposure, excessive heat styling, and humidity; all contribute to dry hair. Another reason for dry hair can be using a wrong shampoo. Most shampoos contain sulfate and strip your hair of sebum. People with dry hair need a shampoo that adds hydration. Our Keratin Rich shampoo & Mask will give your dry dull hair the much needed hydration.

2. Oily Hair

When your scalp produces excessive sebum it can result in oily and/or unwanted greasy hair. Overwashing can also contribute to oily hair because when you overwash your hair your scalp gets irritated and counteracts this dryness by producing more sebum. This becomes a cyclical pattern. We recommend sticking to washing your hair 2 – 3 days a week with a mild shampoo and spacing out your hair washes for your scalp to get oil production in control.

3. Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is an unwanted situation for many. Frizzy hair craves moisture and when your hairs requirements are not met, the cuticles rise to let the moisture in, causing your hair to swell up and become frizzy. Tackle the frizz and restore the moisture balance back into your hair with our Quinoa Smooth Shampoo & Mask.

4. Damaged Hair

Not taking proper care of your hair after chemical treatments, using heat styling tools, over brushing your hair, and using the wrong products? Doing one or all of these things can lead to damaged hair. Such hair needs moisture and restorative treatments to undo the damage. Formulated with the goodness of honey, our Honey Moisture Shampoo & Mask repairs the cuticles and revives damaged hair.

5. Fragile Hair

While there are many causes for weak and fragile hair there is no denying that they need to be looked after with gentle care. Using shampoos, conditioners and styling products with strengthening and repairing properties specifically designed for such hair can help you restore your hair’s health. If you are looking to give your fragile hair the much needed care, we recommend using Avocado Nourish Shampoo and Mask which is rich in Vitamins and essential fatty acids.

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