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Wedding Hairstyle for Men

The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Men to Look Their Absolute Best

If there’s one occasion that you would want to look your best at it’s your wedding. It’s a day you reserve for the best of your handpicked attire, make-up, and hairstyle to look your finest and, obviously, grandest. And why not, it’s supposed to be the most important day of your life. This is exactly why choosing the right hairstyle for the groom is necessary.

While there are numerous hairstyles to try on, such as a contemporary or a retro style, groom hairstyle for Indian wedding is niche and cannot be overlooked come what may. And, if we were to be frank, the hairstyle also fairly depends on your hair texture and cut. So, if you are confused about the million possibilities for your wedding hairstyle, you are not alone. Feeling overwhelmed is natural; after all, it’s one of the biggest moments of your life. Therefore, if making a decision is where you’re stuck, we have got you covered.

Here are some top wedding hairstyles for men that you can consider donning this wedding season:

    1. Short Pompadour

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Short Pompadour

    Short pompadour is that one hairstyle that has forever been a rage, and the same is true for weddings. The sides are usually short while the hair on top is kept slightly longer. To style the pompadour, you must lift your hair up with a comb and apply the Mold and hold Matte Finish Hair Wax to set your lifted hair by working it backward. Finish with a few spritz of Hold It Hair Spray for a finished, long-lasting look.

    2. Long Pompadour

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Long Pompadour

    Another version of the pompadour, more hair length is retained on the top in this wedding hairstyle. To add flair and keep the hairstyle intact on the top, you can use a Hold It Hair Spray from the house of Godrej Professional. It prevents the longer strands from falling on your face.

    3. Buzz Cut

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Buzz Cut

    If there’s any wedding hairstyle cooler than Ryan Reynolds, then this buzz cut is pretty much it. It is one of the most appealing formal hairstyles and makes the perfect choice for a wedding. The top is a tad longer than the sides, while the hairline at the back is made uniform with a square cut.

    4. Brushed Back

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Brushed Back

    You will need to tame your long locks to perfect this wedding hairstyle and therefore, use the Shine On! Shine Spray for this purpose. The spray gives your hair an added volume, which then, can be brushed backwards and on the sides.

    5. Short And Classic

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Short And Classic

    Short hairstyles are the safest bet for any special event, especially a wedding. If you wish to add flair and volume to your mane, then use a styling product to pull off the classic wedding look.

    6. Ivy League

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Ivy League

    If you want to go a little old school, then this Ivy League hairstyle is here for you. It sports a formal look with a distinct part of slicked back sides and gradual fade.

    7. Classic Taper

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Classic Taper

    This hairstyle looks dapper and makes a clean cut for grand occasions like the wedding. It’s one of the most-demanded hairstyles because it is hassle-free and looks clean and tailored.

    8. Slicked Hairstyle

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Slicked Hairstyle

    This hairstyle gives yet another formal wedding look, where your hair is given an additional volume by applying a Mold & Hold Matte Finish Hair Wax. Then, your hair is slicked backwards and to the sides.

    Pro-tip: if you wish to pull off this hairstyle, then make sure to get the right haircut beforehand.

    9. Natural Waves

    Wedding Hairstyle for Men-Natural Waves

    This is an ideal hairstyle for men with naturally wavy hair. You can work on the waves by trying different hairstyles, especially if the hair is long. Play with the length of the tresses and add a smidge of hair spray to smoothen out the waves.

    Now that you are aware of different wedding hairstyles for men, don’t forget to make the most of it on your big day. With different hairstyling and haircare products, you’ll be able to sport flawless locks that accentuate your wedding look. You can also consider giving a shot to the haircare products offered by Godrej Professional. From serums to gels and hair wax, Godrej Professional has a wide range of exclusive hair care products and styling products in its arsenal. Visit Godrej Professional e-store and check out our products now.