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How Can You Keep Your Hair Safe From The Sun?

How Can You Keep Your Hair Safe From The Sun?

Those who are passionate about beauty and skincare will tell you that no morning routine is complete without their sunscreen. Being a vital and essential product, you’re sure to find it in all morning skincare and beauty routines. But before you apply sunscreen, you need to understand what the term "sun protection factor," or SPF actually means. 

SPF is a measure of how much solar energy or UV radiation is necessary to cause sunburn on your covered skin i.e. in the presence of sunscreen compared to unprotected skin. Sunburn protection increases as the SPF number rises. SPF-enriched products function as a shield to keep your locks smooth and moisturised while preventing them from becoming dry and brittle.

Is There A Sunshield For Your Hair?

We take great care of our skin and prevent it from sun damage. Before going outside, we wash it, moisturise it, and apply a substantial quantity of sunscreen. But we constantly overlook and disregard our hair, which is equally susceptible to UV rays and sun damage and requires the same amount of pampering and protection. Prolonged sun exposure damages the cuticle and causes pigment loss, which can result in extreme dryness of the hair. Sun rays can also strip moisture from the hair shaft, resulting in frizzy ends.

This problem only intensifies in the summer, as manes are entirely destroyed from the root to the tip by a combination of salty ocean water, chlorine-filled swimming pools, and severe sunlight. That is why sun protection for hair and scalp becomes critical. It has become extremely essential to apply hair care products that provide UV protection.

They are an excellent approach to protect your hair from sun damage. As these products provide a barrier that protects your scalp and moisturises the hair, preventing it from becoming further dry and damaged. These products have a significant function in preventing ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating the skin. Using these products, however, does not guarantee that no damage will occur; it only prevents it.

Benefits of using UV hair protection:

  1. Protecting against damaging UV rays.
  2. Fighting the frizz
  3. Tames unruly threads.
  4. Provides moisture to dehydrated hair.
  5. Enhances manageability.
  6. Tames flyways.
  7. Restores moisture to dry, frayed hair.

Godrej Professional’s UV Hair Protection Products

Now that you understand what UV - Hair Protection is and how essential it is for your hair, it’s time to introduce your hair to some of the best UV- Protective hair care products!

Protect Shine Hair Serum 

When exposed to harmful sun rays, your hair is sure to lose its natural shine and sheen. To bring back life and restore your locks Godrej Professional’s brings to you its exclusive Protect Shine Serum. This SLS/SLES, sulphate and paraben-free serum is the perfect solution for all your sun-damaged hair care problems! This hair shine serum is sure to moisturise your hair, making it feel smooth and lustrous without any grease.

Usage Recommendation:

Enriched with Jojoba Oil, this product has a cuticle smoothing effect that not only tames dull hair, but also helps in fighting frizzy hair. Jojoba is high in vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, and zinc that nourishes the hair and prevents further hair loss. The molecular structure of the oil is similar to that of sebum, a naturally produced oil that adds moisture to dry hair, making this hair serum a great hair care choice, especially during the summers.

Keracare Recharge Combo

Not following a good hair care regimen can leave your hair all dry and damaged, especially during this intense heat weather. With the Keracare Recharge Combono matter what your hair texture is, this sulphate and the paraben-free duo will not only safeguard your healthy hair but will also help you combat roughness and dullness, leaving behind softer and shinier hair.

Usage Recommendation:

The professional shampoo in the duo is fortified with Acai oil and Menthol. Acai oil in the shampoo works towards nourishing the hair by restoring its softness and shine. It is also rich in proteins, omega acids, zinc and folic acids, which are known to improve hair and scalp health. Menthol on the other hand provides a deep cooling sensation that soothes the scalp and works like magic, especially during the summer season. The Acai oil and Wheat protein in the conditioner combat frizzy and dry hair, leaving it soft, silky and manageable.

Nourish Shine Argan Oil

Frequent exposure to pollutants in the air, harmful UV rays and exposure to the heat can do more harm than required and can deeply affect the health of the hair. These pollutants not only affect the skin but also leave behind dry, lifeless and brittle hair. Specially formulated with UV- Protect ingredients the Nourish Shine Argan Oil proves to be the best sun - shield for your sun-damaged hair. 

Usage Recommendation:

  • Take a small quantity of the Nourish Shine Argan Oil on your palms.
  • Apply evenly on the hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.
  • Do not apply to the scalp.

Argan oil contains beneficial nutrients, such as Vitamin E, that not only make your hair healthy and shiny, but also stimulate hair development. This oil is high in omega and fatty acids and can help in sealing split ends and frizz. With this exceptional serum you can say goodbye to dull and harsh hair and welcome shiny, nourished, and glossy hair.

And with this exquisite hair care routine, it seems like you're all ready for the shining hair days ahead!