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Follow This Post-Holi Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Follow This Post-Holi Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

We all enjoy playing with colours, whether it’s on Holi 2022 or experimenting with different colours for our hair! But now that the festivities are over, is your hair the same as before? If you’ve played Holi in 2022, your hair might’ve become drier than before.

Are parts of your hair and scalp still stained? Has your hair started falling out immensely? Colours in your hair can lead to damage since their chemical composition is not fit for your hair’s health. Hence, it is important to follow a post Holi hair care routine to bring life back in your locks. Thankfully, our experts at Godrej Professional have just the right holi hair care routine for you.

How To Care For Hair After Holi 2022?

Now that the hair damage is done, it’s time to start a new hair care routine that is laden with nourishing and hydrating ingredients for hair. At the same time, it is crucial to see that the products you choose are fit for your hair type. For holi hair that represents dryness, dullness and excessive damage, we recommend using a shampoo and mask enriched with Honey extracts, and an oil that seals the deal.

Hydrate with Shampoo

Not just any shampoo but your post Holi hair care routine should have hydrating ingredients to combat the dryness caused by the colours. Use the Honey Moisture Shampoo at least thrice a week to cleanse your scalp and provide intense hydration to your strands.

Usage Recommendation:

  • Wet your hair and apply the Honey Moisture Shampoo evenly on your scalp.
  • Lather it at the roots and then work it through the lengths of your hair.
  • Rinse well.

Honey has amazing benefits for your scalp and hair which include being an effective cleanser since it is a host of antimicrobial properties. It is a natural emollient that helps make hair soft, bouncy and healthy and also reverses dullness by adding shine to your tresses. This product is suitable for both men and women, and also safe for usage on chemically-treated hair.

Moisturise with Mask

After washing your hair with a hydrating shampoo, the next step is to pamper it with a mask that seals the moisture in your locks for a longer period of time. We recommend opting for the Honey Moisture Mask that is enriched with honey extracts and other essential oils.

How to use a hair mask?

  • Apply a generous amount of the Honey Moisture Mask to clean and shampooed (damp) hair.
  • Use your fingers to distribute and massage the mask on your scalp.
  • Leave it on for three to five minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

While honey works to combat dryness and dullness, the essential oils work to improve the overall hair quality. This product is enriched with jojoba and olive oil that nourish hair, and wheatgerm oil that improves hair texture. Use it along with the Honey Moisture Shampoo for best results.

Nourish with Oil

Oiling after washing your hair? With the Argan Oil, you can oil your hair as the last step of your Holi hair care routine to give it the much needed nourishment and shine. It is ideal for dull hair and can be used in the following ways,

  • Take a small quantity of the Nourish Shine Argan Oil on your palms.
  • Apply evenly on the hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

Argan hair oil is rich in beneficial nutrients that make your hair soft and gives it a luxurious sheen. It also has UV protect ingredients that safeguard hair from dust and pollution. 

P.S. - Do not apply this oil on your scalp.

We advise you to follow this religiously for the next 15-20 days to assess whether your hair starts looking and feeling the way it was before Holi. You can always add more products later by checking out our professional shampoo range to see what else works for your hair.

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