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Need A Haircut? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Visiting The Salon

Need A Haircut? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Visiting The Salon

Chopping off your damaged ends is easy, but picking the perfect hairstyle for yourself can be really tough. Even when you go in with a dream hairstyle in mind, there must have been countless moments when you were left disappointed with how it turned out. It is one thing to look up hairstyles on the internet but how it actually turns out might be totally different.

How can you decide what is right for you? Godrej Professional experts suggest asking these 5 questions to yourself before going in for a haircut. 

Do I know what I want?

It is important to know and be able to explain what you want to your stylist. Regardless of how professional a stylist is, they cannot possibly read your mind, but can easily connect the dots if you explain the haircut right. 

It is easy to mix up instructions which might end up with you having a bad haircut. Do your homework well and make sure to consider your stylist’s opinion. 

Am I doing this because it is trendy?

Looking to get a haircut that is trending at the moment? While going with the trend is not a bad idea, it should not be your only motivating factor to change your style. Keep in mind that everything that can grow into a trend overnight can also grow out of it very quickly. Would you still love this hairstyle if it goes out of trend the next day? 

Ask yourself these questions,

  • Is the style right for you?
  • Will the cut compliment your face cut?
  • Does the style suit your hair texture and thickness?
  • Is there another hairstyle that may be better for you? 

In case you’re unsure, a stylist is always there to make it easy.

Can I style this haircut without my stylist?

With your stylist being an expert, every haircut looks amazing when you leave the salon. What you need to ask yourself is - can you maintain this style without your stylist? Will you be able to nail this look every day by yourself? 

Whenever you change your hairstyle, you want to make sure that you are comfortable styling this look every day by yourself. If you are someone who isn’t that savvy when it comes to styling, add a styling product like the Hold It! Hair Spray to your collection.

Use the hairspray in these simple steps,

  • Shake the bottle well before use. 
  • Hold it upright and 12 inches away from hair. 
  • Spray from mid-lengths to the tips. 

This is a residue-free fix that provides a flexible hold to your hair. This hair spray provides instant grip and  leaves a finished look. Flaunt your newest styles with his setting spray and achieve a long-lasting look within seconds. 

Is this haircut hard to maintain?

In addition to the styling, you need to ask how often this new hairstyle will require maintenance. Will you need to come in every few weeks for touch-ups? Regardless of what hairstyle you pick, you should always consider the long term maintenance it brings with it. 

Does this haircut fit my budget?

Some hairstyles are more complex than others, making them drift away from their affordability factor. Consider the cost of maintenance and styling of the hairstyle in addition to the cost of the actual haircut before going ahead with a preferred hairstyle.

Now that you know the right questions to ask yourself, it will be much easier to find the perfect hairstyle. If you do not understand the answers to some of these questions, don’t worry! Trust your stylist to know what’s best for your hair.