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Myths About Red Hair Colour

Myths About Red Hair Colour

Red hair colour will never go out of style. Women often refrain from colouring their hair red due to the many myths associated with it but not all of them are true. Our technical ambassador Ryan Rozario busts some myths that revolve around red colour.

Myth 1: ‘Red Hair Colour Suits Only Pale Skin Tones’

FALSE. Different shades look different depending on your skin tone. Anyone can pull off a red hairdo as long as you pick the right shade. Shades like auburn and ruby red are a contrast against the pale skin and will bring out your features while ginger, copper and mahogany look beautiful on olive and darker skin tones.

Myth 2: ‘Red Hair Colour Turns Dull Faster Than Other Hair Colours’

FALSE. A common myth is that red colour bleeds. Yes, usually after a hair colour, the red bleeds visibly more than other shades but this is just the excess colour pigments getting washed off. If you use the right products, the colour will bleed for a couple of washes but it will not fade. The Godrej Professional range of colours has beautiful reds that are created especially for Indian hair. They are vibrant and long lasting.

Myth 3: ‘Red Hair Colour Is High Maintenance’

FALSE. Red hair colour is often perceived as being high maintenance, however this is simply a myth. All you need do is tweak some things in your hair care regime. We suggest reducing the number of hair washes and using a colour-safe shampoo. The Godrej Professional range of shampoos is colour safe and these formulations are created especially for Indian hair.

Now that you are armed with this information, no need to hold back! Colour your hair red without having to worry about the aftermath.

– Ryan D’ Rozario
Technical Ambassador

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