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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Strong Hair & Stronger Bonds

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Strong Hair & Stronger Bonds

Who do you think of first when you’re stuck in a rut? Who’s always coming to your rescue? Mother, mom, maa - you might call her by different names but she’s the one who will always be there for you.

From the weekly hot oil champis to scolding you whenever you did something wrong, she's always protecting you at every step. So, when it comes to giving her back on a day as special as her, you need to ensure she protects herself too, through a unique Mother’s Day gift idea.

We think one of the best gifts for Mother’s Day this year would be giving her an ultimate solution to protect her hair. As she grows old, her hair might lose tenacity and volume, leading to thinning and damage. Our experts have curated a list of hair care products that'll give your mom a chance to pamper and strengthen her hair like never before.

Give Your Mom The Gift Of Good Hair With These Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. The Overflow of Hair Care with Combos

The best gifts for Mother’s Day would be something that packs an abundance of goodness in one package. Godrej Professional brings you exclusive hair care combos inclusive of shampoos, masks, conditioners and oils. These assortments are perfect for all-around care and are available in different combinations for different hair types and concerns. The available combos include-

  • Keracare Hair Essentials Combo for dry and frizzy hair. It consists of Keracare Moisture Recharge Shampoo for hydration, Keracare Keratin Repair Mask for frizz control and acai oil for added sheen.
    Keracare Hair Essentials Combo By Godrej Professional
  • Keracare Moisture Recharge Combo for normal to dry hair. This duo is an essential addition for deeply moisturised and hydrated locks that bounce with a healthy gloss.
    Keracare Moisture Recharge Combo By Godrej Professional
  • Keracare Keratin Repair Combo for damaged and chemically treated hair. The shampoo of this duo helps in gentle cleansing while the mask conditions the hair strands with strength and lustre.
    Keracare Keratin Repair Combo By Godrej Professional

These combos make for a great Mother’s Day gift idea you should definitely consider!

2. Hearty Honey for Healthy Hair

If your mom struggles with dry and dull hair, giving her products enriched with the nourishment of honey will make for an incredible gift this Mother’s Day. Godrej Professional has a range of honey-infused products including Probio Honey Moisture Shampoo, Probio Honey Moisture Mask and Probio Honey Moisture Spray Conditioner. These products will help your mom overcome the stress of dry and rough locks by layering them with much-needed moisturisation and hydration.

Probio Honey Moisture Shampoo By Godrej ProfessionalProbio Honey Moisture Mask By Godrej ProfessionalProbio Honey Moisture Spray Conditioner By Godrej Professional

3. Green for Sheen

Moms always make sure that you are never skipping your greens. This time you need to make sure she’s not skipping out on a green super-fruit- Avocados. Godrej Professional has a range of avocado-enriched products, including the Probio Avocado Nourish Shampoo and the Probio Avocado Nourish Mask. These products are also infused with the goodness of almond oil. If your mom has fragile and sensitised hair, this combo is the best for her.

Probio Avocado Nourish Shampoo By Godrej ProfessionalProbio Avocado Nourish Mask By Godrej Professional 

4. The Protection of Protein

With the Godrej Professional Hydrolyzed Keratin products from Probio, give your mother the gift of bringing back her hair to life. The Probio Keratin Revive Shampoo, Probio Keratin Revive Mask and the Probio Keratin Revive Shine Hair Serum revive dull hair with a boost of protein and shine, leaving it looking healthy and supple.

Probio Keratin Revive Shampoo By Godrej ProfessionalProbio Keratin Revive Mask By Godrej ProfessionalProbio Keratin Revive Shine Hair Serum By Godrej Professional

5. The Smoothness of Quinoa

Help your mom do away with her frizzy hair with the Probio Quinoa Smooth Shampoo and the Probio Quinoa Smooth Mask from Godrej Professional. Enriched with the softening and conditioning properties of quinoa, these products transform dull and frizzy hair into smooth, sleek and lustrous. Definitely one of the top picks for a special and unique Mother’s Day gift.

Probio Quinoa Smooth Shampoo By Godrej ProfessionalProbio Quinoa Smooth Mask By Godrej Professional

The Takeaway

Your mother has always nurtured you and your health with the best and this Mother’s Day, you have the chance to do the same. Our expert-recommended Mother’s Day gift ideas are thoughtful and practical presents, that’ll last long not just as a precious memory but also as healthy and happy tresses. These hair care products make for simple gifts for Mother’s Day that will surely make your mom feel appreciated and loved. 

So, why wait? Buy these and more hair care products from the house of Godrej Professional today.


1. What are some great last minute Mother's Day gift ideas?

Some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas are:

  • Personal care essentials like hair care products, makeup products, at-home spa products and bathing kits.
  • Flowers, cards, cakes and the like.
  • Accessories like jewellery or a handbag.
  • Lunch or Dinner outing, picnic or a mini vacation.

2. What are some tips for deciding on a Mother's Day gift?

Some things to keep in mind for a Mother's Day gift are your mom’s interests and likes, her needs and her shopping list. Take her suggestion if you’re unsure and ensure to add a personal touch to the gift with a handwritten card.

3. What are good Mother's Day gifts besides flowers?

Apart from flowers, there are many unique Mother’s Day gifts you can consider. Such as:

  • Jewellery or clothes
  • Makeup or hair care products
  • A photo frame/album
  • An experiential gift like a spa day, a concert or show, a class and the like.