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money piece hair highlights & hair color trends

Money Piece: All You Need to Know about Money Piece Hair Trend

With latest hair colour trends lighting up the styling industry, it’s time you reinvent yourself by sporting the trendiest shade on your locks. And of all the flattering hair colour trends, ladies have accepted the money piece hair style with open arms across the globe. This versatile-yet-low maintenance hair trend was a major hit right from the time Beyoncé introduced it last year. Queen Bey looked absolutely dazzling with a caramel-hued highlight on her front hairline, and now, it’s your turn to leave the world envious as you flaunt your tresses with money piece highlights.

Let's now explore the popular Money Piece hair trend with insights from Heena Dalvi, the National Technical Head of Godrej Professional and a Hair Dressing expert, without any more delays.

What Is Money Piece Hair Technique?

Money piece is a bright, face-framing highlight that focuses more on the front of your hairline. Opting for the money piece highlight will surely add a flair to your look, irrespective of your hair length or face shape. While it is a highlighting method, it doesn’t necessarily have to be blonde. However, you should make sure that the highlights are two to three shades lighter than your original hair colour to produce just the right amount of contrast and lightness.

Why Is It Called Money Piece?

Well, you would be surprised to know that the name ‘money piece’ has got nothing to do with the dyeing technique used to get this look or its appearance; rather, it refers to the time-saving and cost-effective process of hair colouring for end consumers.

Benefits of Money Piece Highlight

• The money piece hair colour helps you get a fresh, vibrant look without you having to dye all your hair.
• It can be done as a free hand technique along with balayage or as a foil placement technique to get a defined colour pop.
• The process isn’t time-consuming and is comparatively inexpensive compared to other trends obtained via the balayage technique.
• It can be used on dark hair to colour-correct them. Additionally, money piece is a simple yet effective technique that works for all hair textures and types
• You won’t have to take extra effort to ensure that your money piece highlights last longer. In fact, this hair trend is quite low maintenance and looks good even when grown out. This is a primary reason why the money piece hair trend is gaining more and more popularity with time.

How To Get The Perfect Money Piece Highlights?

The steps to get the perfect money piece highlights are mentioned below:

1. Part your hair and pull the section apart to determine the thickness of the money piece highlight.
2. Pull the hair up and paint underneath.
3. Put the hair in a foil and apply lightener from the roots to the mid-lengths to achieve a bold and bright look.

As mentioned earlier, the process to obtain a money piece highlight is quite simple, and with a short visit to the parlour, you should be able to get your desired look. To plan your salon visit, at your nearest Godrej Professional Salon.

List of Famous Celebrities with Money Piece Highlights

One of the reasons why the money piece hair trend has become so popular within a short span is that a lot of famous celebrities have been spotted flaunting it. Here’s a list of a few celebs who were snapped sporting the money piece highlights.

• Priyanka Chopra
• Deepika Padukone
• Beyoncé Knowles
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Halston Sage
• Gisele Bundchen
• Margot Robbie

Colour Combos You Can Try With Money Piece

As its placement is close to the face, always remember to select the right hair colour for skin tone while opting for the money piece technique. You can consider trying one of the following colour combos:

1. Caramel + Coffee

Young lady with coffee and caramel brown money piece highlights

If you have naturally coffee-coloured locks, you can surely opt for caramel highlights. The lightness of a caramel money piece will create an ideal contrast against your brown tresses. The combination of these warm tones will leave your strands with beautiful dimensions.

2. Navy + Black

Woman with blue money piece hair colour shade

Those with dark, black hair can consider opting for the navy money piece highlights. Blue hair hues are totally in this autumn, and they are sure to provide you with the trendiest look.

3. Mahogany + Espresso

 Beautiful lady showcasing her hair colour with the Mahogany & Espresso 'money piece' shade | Godrej Professional

If your hair colour is along the lines of espresso, consider lightening your strands with a mahogany money piece. The warm, red-brown shade will surely give your mane a stunning look.

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How To Take Right Care Of Your Money Piece Highlights?

If you wish to get the money piece highlights, don’t hold yourself back. Be sassy, be trendy. This hair trend is sure to enhance your overall looks, but once you get the desired outcome, make sure that you take optimum care of your hair. Here are some hair care routine tips that’ll help you take care of your money piece hair colour.

1. Use Hair Products That Are Safe For Colour-Treated Hair

Hair products for color-treated hair, stored in a pouch | Godrej Professional

Choose shampoos, conditioners, and masks wisely, i.e. depending on your hair type. You can use the Godrej Professional Keracare range of professional shampoos and sulphate free conditioners as they are sulphate-free and also suitable for colour-treated hair.

2. Use Heat Protectant Products

Heating tools such as flat irons, curlers, blow-dryers, etc., can damage colour-treated hair and reduce the natural sheen of your locks. Therefore, try opting for a heat-free hairstyle as much as possible. Moreover, to keep your tresses glossy and smooth, you can apply heat-protectant products such as the Godrej Professional hair serum for frizzy hair to your locks before using any heating tools.

3. Avoid Over-Shampooing Your Hair

Over-shampooing drains away the natural moisture from your hair, making it all dry and frizzy. Additionally, the more you shampoo your hair, the earlier your highlights will fade. Thus, it is advisable to skip washing your hair every day; instead, you can consider washing your hair twice or thrice a week. For the best results, opt for Godrej shampoo for coloured hair by Godrej Professional.

  • Now that you know all about the money piece highlight as well as the tips to take care of your coloured tresses, it’s time you hit the salon and sport the trendiest hairstyle now. To take care of your locks, you can consider using the exclusive hair care products offered by Godrej Professional. Visit our Godrej Professional online store and check out the products now.

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