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Met Gala 2022: 5 Hairstyles You Have To Try

Met Gala 2022: 5 Hairstyles You Have To Try

If you’ve been watching what happens at the Met Gala this week, you already know who scorched the floor and who was a hit and miss. The best met gala looks are often accompanied by a unique costume, bold makeup and a snazzy hairstyle. Some of us already know how to style our hair for the days to come, drawing inspiration from the Met Gala.

Here’s our experts’ favourite hairstyle picks from Met Gala 2022. With the right hairstyling products, you too can don these looks at your next party with ease.

1. High Updo with Vanessa Hudgens


With a goth glam outfit and a high updo hairstyle, Vanessa Hudgens graced the red carpet to embrace the Met Gala 2022 theme. The hairstyle significantly put emphasis on her sharp features, highlighting her eyes and cheekbones.

To do a high updo, you can comb your hair from front to back ensuring no flyways remain. Bring it all together into one high ponytail and wrap the hair around to form a bun. Use the Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair to prep the hair and Hold It! Hair Spray for a clean finished look. To make this popular hairstyle look more interesting, you can also use an intricate scrunchie to add some sparkle to your hair.

2. Natural Curls with Kaia Gerber


To pay tribute to the hairstyle trends from the 70s and 80s, Kaia Gerber lets her hair down by parting her tresses through a middle partition. As her hair flows naturally, it is accompanied by gentle curls that makes her hair look voluminous and also enhances her overall look.

How can you try this met gala hairstyle?

  • Separate your hair into two parts by drawing a comb through the middle of your scalp.
  • Brush your hair gently on both sides.
  • Take a curling iron to gradually curl your hair up. You can just go at it section by section without maintaining the heat for too long.
  • Apply the Hold It! Hair Spray to help your curls stay in place for a few hours.
  • Run your fingers through your hair to let the product spread through your mane properly. This will also help some tight curls flow naturally.

The micro diffusion spray provides flexible hold to the tresses without adding a powdery effect. It spreads evenly throughout the hair and is gentle owing to its sulphate and paraben free formula. Use it from a distance of 12 inches in an upright position for best results.

3. Slick Back with Simone Ashley


The Bridgerton actress is known to have been inspired from her show’s storyline to create a stunning look for Met Gala 2022. With a slick back hairstyle accompanied by a wet ponytail, this met gala hairstyle screams all glimmer and grace.

To achieve this met gala hairstyle, you can choose to brush your hair from the front to the back or create a side partition like the actress. Gather all your hair based on your partition preference ensuring there are no flyways left. Once done, tie it into a high or low ponytail.

To ensure maximum hold, apply the Hold It! Hair Spray. If you want the wet ponytail look with the added shine, we suggest trying the Shine On! Shine Spray.

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Hold it at an upright position, 6 inches away from the hair.
  • Spray it on the lengths of your hair.

This hairstyle product ensures making your hair look sleek and glossy without giving it a greasy feel. Plus, since it’s sulphate and paraben free, you can go at it with any met gala hairstyle sans poor hair health!

4. Sleek Waves with Maude Apatow


Maude Apatow, popularly known as Lexi Howard from ‘Euphoria’, graced the red carpet this year with sleek waves. Her met gala hairstyle is inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour as she keeps it easy yet classy this year.

Loosely tong the hair followed by brushing hair to one side leaving the tresses flow in easy waves. This is how Apatow does it as she attaches a clip on the other to hold her hair together in one place. This is an easy look to recreate and suits short and long hair.

5. Gathered Back with Dove Cameron


Dove Cameron looks like an angel from the future in Met Gala 2022! What brings her entire futuristic look together is her hairstyle, which collects her hair at one place in the back and flows effortlessly going down.

By keeping a middle partition, you can bring together the top sections of your hair together at the back and place it with a hair accessory. While the front seems to be sleek and smooth, the rest of the hair flows easily at the back. Make it dazzle by using the Shine On! Shine Spray.

If Met Gala 2021 wasn’t inspirational enough, we’re sure Met Gala 2022 gave you reason enough to experiment with different hairstyles. So which met gala hairstyle was your favourite?