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Loved Crash Landing On You? Then These 5 K-Drama Inspired Hairstyles Are What You Need

Loved Crash Landing On You? Then These 5 K-Drama Inspired Hairstyles Are What You Need

From It’s Okay Not To Be Okay to Crash Landing On You, binging on K-dramas has been the trend through this past year and a perfect stress-buster at the end of a long day. But what our stylists love most are the cool, bold, classic, and sometimes edgy hairstyles and Korean haircuts that this trend has inspired. 

Wondering which Korean hairstyle suits you the best? Take your love for K-Drama to the next level with these trendy hairstyles especially recommended for Indian hair by Godrej Professional stylists.

The Hairdresser’s Favourite Wavy Bob

Source: BLACKPINK’s Lisa in Wavy Hair Bob / Lisa’s Instagram @lalalalisa_m

From The Heirs’ Kim Ji-won to Miss A’s Bae Suzy, every Korean star has fashioned a bob at least once.  Bobs and bangs are classic Korean hairstyles and you can never go wrong with them. Wave, wave, and wave your hair till you nail that texture. Fancy yourself a beach hair bob? Run your fingers through your waves to mess it up a little. Combine this hairstyle with bangs for that extra Korean touch. For an added style boost, spray on the Hair Shine Spray and show off a glossy and bouncy look.

Hair type: Straight, Wavy

Suitable face types: All

Stylist’s Slay-It Straight Hair Bob

Source: Still from Descendants Of The Sun / KBS Youtube

Just like the wavy bob, a short and straight hair bob is a K-drama speciality. This hairstyle combines choppy bangs with your typical bob. Looking for an extra style boost? Add in a few layers and scrunch your hair a little for the perfect look. 

How to scrunch? Pump a little Protect Shine serum on your palm and rub it together with both hands. Apply on damp hair and scrunch your hair up to 2 inches away from the scalp. 

Hair type: Straight, Wavy

Suitable Face Type: Heart, Square, Diamond

Date-Ready Romantic Curls

Source: Still from Crash Landing On You / Instagram Fan account @dear.yejinhand

To get the perfect romantic curls look, simply part your hair and curl them in opposite directions. Leave one side over your shoulder while leaving the other side in the back or simply let all of your hair fall over your shoulders. Lock in this look with the Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray

Expert Tip: Brush your hair thoroughly with a hairbrush after styling it to achieve a softer finish on this hairstyle. 

Hair Type: Wavy, Straight

Suitable Face Type: All 

Lazy Day Favourite Ponytail

Source: Still from Descendants Of The Sun / KBS Youtube

Having a bad hair day and don’t know what to do with your hair? Look stylish with this effortless low ponytail hairstyle. This is the ultimate Korean hairstyle that screams ‘messy hair, don’t care’, but gives you a classy look at the same time. 

To style - To ace this messy hair look, pull out a few hair strands to make it seem undone and pair it up with see-through bangs! Finish with a glossy look with the Shine hair spray

Hair Type: Wavy, Straight

Suitable Face Type: Oval, Diamond, Round

The OG Korean Bangs

Source: Still from Doom At Your Service / VikiGlobal TV Youtube

If anything screams Korean haircuts, it’s bangs. Every K-drama you watch and every K-pop star you know has fashioned Korean bangs at one point or another. Go for the straight bangs that cover your entire forehead or simply pick the see-through bangs. Create the perfect fringes with the Mold & Hold Matte Finish Hair Wax. Simply scoop out the non-greasy wax on your palms and rub it together to even it out. Once done, apply to the hair to create stylish and textured looks. 

Tired of regular bangs? Switch it up with the curtain bangs or the side-swept bangs. Pinned up, side-part, or middle part, this hairstyle is easy to style and slay! 

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly

Suitable Face Type: All

Korean Hair Care Hacks To Nail Your Look

Mask up for extra moisture

Hair masks are the secret to healthy hair. Keep your hair hydrated with nourishing hair masks like Honey, Avocado, Keratin, and Quinoa. Masks are the perfect remedy to deal with dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. Hair masks work like magic to deeply nourish your hair and smoothen your tresses. Fix that damage to soften your hair and boost the strength of your hair. 

Serum-protect your hair

When stepping out is a part of your daily routine, sun damage can be an annoying issue to deal with. The UV rays tend to damage your hair cuticles and will leave you to fight dry and brittle hair. Say goodbye to sun-damaged hair with the Protect Shine Serum

How to use a hair serum?

  1. Take a pump of serum in your hands and rub them together for a few seconds. 
  2. Apply evenly from mid-lengths to the roots.

Expert Tip: Always apply professional hair serum on damp hair for best results.

De-frizz for a softer look

All Korean hairstyles that you come across, require a frizz-free look. If you deal with frizzy hair, it is likely that your hair lacks moisture. Along with regular hair mask sessions and nourishing shampoo washes, go one step further and tame your frizz with the Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair. Get rid of frizzy hair and go nail those Korean hairstyles!