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8 Latest bridesmaid hairstyles for Indian wedding

8 Latest bridesmaid hairstyles for Indian wedding

Your hair speaks volume about your personality. Whether it’s straight, curly, wavy, or coily, you would always want your hair to be in its best shape, and more so when you’re attending a special occasion. And one such momentous occasion is when your dearest friend is getting married, and you are amongst her bridesmaids. As a bridesmaid, you would surely want to look your best, and hence, there are numerous things that you need to take care of. Be it your traditional attire, makeup or hairstyle, everything must be on-point to achieve that flawless look. While we trust you with your choice of outfit and your makeup skills, we would like to help you in picking the best bridesmaid hairstyle for yourself.

Below, we have listed a few of the finest Indian bridesmaid hairstyles that can be the right match for you. Check them out and settle for the one that you simply love the most.

1. Simple Floral Bun Hairstyle

Simplicity never goes out of fashion, and so, donning a simple floral bun as a bridesmaid wouldn’t be a bad idea. Match your hairstyle with a beautiful Indian dress and you will be absolutely ready to slay it as the most adorable bridesmaid ever. Before you style your hair into a bun, consider washing it with the Probio Quinoa Duo. This will make your locks soft, silky, and easier to style.

2. Curly Side Swept Locks

This Indian bridesmaid hairstyle is sure to give off a stylish and chic look. As the name suggests, to create curly side swept locks, you must first sweep your curls on one side, and then twist your hair across the nape of the neck to complete the hairstyle. If you don’t have naturally curly locks, you would need to create the curls by using a curling iron. Before using a curler, make sure that you apply the De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream as it will protect your locks against heat damage.

3. Messy Low Bun 

One of the most popular wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids is the popular low bun. By sporting a messy low bun with a traditional attire, you will look no less than a diva. Before you style your hair into a low bun, consider washing your hair with the Avocado Nourish Shampoo for soft and smooth locks. For best results, apply the Avocado Nourish Mask to your damp and shampooed hair.

4. Low Twisted Chignon

Weddings and chignons are an ideal combination. An elegant low twisted chignon is a classy bridesmaid hairstyle that will certainly draw you many pleasing compliments. In this wedding updo, the chignon is donned at the nape of the neck, and the front section of the locks remains slightly twisted on the side. To ensure that your chignon lasts through the day, you can apply a few spritz of the Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray. This exclusive hair spray is sulphate-free and can be used on coloured hair as well.

5. Short Hair Ponytail

Wish to opt for the girl-next-door look as a bridesmaid? Well, this Indian bridesmaid hairstyle can do the trick for you. This hairstyle is easy-to create, low-maintenance and a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle for short hair. Also, flaunting a low pony will flatter your face cut and give off a fresh look in seconds. All you need is the help of pins and rubber ties to nail the look. To add an extra dose of shine to your hair, you can rely on the Shine On! Shine Spray.

6. Half-Tied Braided Hair

If you wish to flaunt your luscious long locks as a bridesmaid, then the half-tied braided hair can be your ideal match. Semi-braided locks are the finest bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. The beauty of this hairstyle can be further amplified with flowers.

7. Messy Buns

Messy buns offer a refreshing and lively look. To create this Indian bridesmaid hairstyle, you must first take the top strands and lift them up. Then, with a fine-toothed comb, you must comb your hair from the roots to the ends while holding the strand up. Lastly, create a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band at the root to finish the bun. You can apply the Protect Shine Serum from the house of Godrej Professional to ensure that your messy bun remains frizz-free and glossy,

8. Messy Chignon

As mentioned earlier, chignons are the go-to hairstyle for weddings. Messy Chignon gives a classy and elegant look. To create this Indian bridesmaid hairstyle, pull your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band. Later, pull out a few pieces of the bun to give it an undone and care-free vibe.

Now that you are well-aware of different Indian wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids, ensure to sport your best look by donning a hairstyle that appeals to you the most. To achieve the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle, you can use the various hair-styling and haircare products offered by Godrej Professional. These exclusive products are sure to accentuate the beauty of your tresses and make your hair healthy and shiny. So why wait? Visit Godrej Professional online store and check out our various products now.