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keratin treatment for indian hair

Keratin Hair Treatment for Indian Hair

Keratin treatment for hair has gained massive popularity in recent years. It has emerged as an effective way of transforming dry, frizzy hair into shinier, straighter locks. Before we learn more about keratin treatments, let’s understand what is keratin, and how does it promote hair health?

Keratin is a natural protein found in the hair that is responsible for its strength, sheen, and volume. However, due to the excessive use of heat styling tools, chemically-laced hair products, and other environmental stressors, the keratin in your hair drastically falls, leaving your strands dry, rough, fragile, and lacklustre. This is where a keratin hair treatment can come to your rescue, making your locks healthier, glossier, and more manageable.

There are essentially two types of keratin treatments, so let’s take a close look at both.

Types Of Keratin Treatments

Before you undergo a keratin treatment, you must know which type of keratin treatment is best-suited for you. You can choose from the types of keratin treatments mentioned below:

Brazilian Blowout: If you wish to straighten curly, unmanageable hair, you must opt for the Brazilian blowout treatment. The effect of this treatment lasts up to three months.

Smoothing Treatments: If you do not wish to do away with your curls, opting for a smoothing treatment would be a wise decision. This type of keratin treatment primarily works on frizzy hair, making them smooth while boosting their sheen. The effect of this smoothing treatment lasts up to six months.

Keratin Hair Treatment-Smoothing Treatments

Now that you are well-aware of the types of keratin treatments, let’s have a look at the steps involved in the keratin treatment of hair.

Steps Involved In Keratin Treatment of Hair

Keratin Hair Treatment

  1. A keratin-rich cream is applied to your hair before it is blown dry and straightened in a salon.
  2. Once the treatment is applied, you must keep your hair dry for several days before visiting the salon to have it washed out.

Benefits of Keratin for Hair

Some of the primary benefits of keratin are mentioned below:

  • Keratin is the building block of your body that is responsible for keeping your hair strong and healthy.
  • Keratin makes your locks appear smooth, frizz-free, and voluminous.
  • It also makes your hair manageable, straighter, and easier to style.

Who Should Get Keratin Treatment?

People with dry, frizzy, curly, and unmanageable hair can consider undergoing a keratin treatment. Keratin treatments can also be availed by individuals with very thick or voluminous locks.

Are Keratin Treatments Safe?

Since keratin treatment is a chemical process, it is not completely safe. With Brazilian blowouts, a formaldehyde-releasing solution is applied to your hair. Though this chemical makes your hair smooth and frizz-free, it can damage your tresses if applied in large amounts.

To tackle this, you can ask your hairstylist to use the Godrej Professional Kerasmooth Protein Reconstruction for keratin treatment. It is a formaldehyde-free formulation enriched with a moisturising complex that helps replenish the keratin in your hair.

Once you undergo the keratin treatment, make sure that you take good care of your locks by using the right haircare products. You can use the sulphate-free Keracare range of shampoos and Keracare recharge conditioners from Godrej Professional. These products are suitable for all Indian hair types and will keep your locks healthy and boost their shine.

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