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Women showing her shiny black hair

How to Make Your Hair Thicker? 4 Expert Recommended Tips

Sporting a head full of thick, healthy, and lustrous locks is everyone’s dream. Strong and shiny hair not only adds to your personality but also is indicative of a healthy living. While all of us crave for naturally thick hair, the sad part is that most individuals have to deal with hair thinning at some stage of their lives. Various factors such as a chronic ailment, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition, etc. can trigger hair thinning and lead to weak and fragile hair. 

But, don’t you worry, the good news is that it is possible to control hair thinning by adapting a holistic approach to health and nutrition and following a healthy haircare regimen. Ahead, we are going to shed light upon how to make hair thicker in the easiest way by controlling hair thinning. But firstly, let’s understand the various causes of hair thinning in detail.

How Can You Make Hair Thicker?

Let's Find Out The Tips On How Can You Make Hair Thicker By Godrej Professional Experts:

1. Use the Right Hair Care Products

Women with curly hair shopping hair care products

To learn how to make hair thicker, it is essential that you exercise caution while selecting your hair care products. Ensure to use professional shampoo and hair masks that are sulphate-free and prevent scalp build-up.Our expert recommended 3-in-1 hair strengthening combo will make hair look full and dense with regular use.

Usage Recommendation:

  • Thoroughly wet hair and apply the Probio Keratin Revive Shampoo from the lengths to the ends of hair and then massage it onto the scalp
  • Rinse off the shampoo and apply the Probio Keratin Revive Mask to the mids and ends of hair strands
  • Keep the mask on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse the mask residue thoroughly. Follow it up with the Probio Keratin Revive Shine Hair Serum
  • Follow this three-step routine regularly for strong hair

These products are infused with Hydrolyzed keratin that adds volume to hair. With the serum in your routine, you can make hair thicker with Jojoba oil and vitamins and minerals that nourish and smoothen hair cuticles.

2. Don’t Over Wash

Women washing her hair with professional shampoo

Over-washing can drain away the natural oils from your scalp, making your hair dry and dehydrated. This can further damage your hair and lead to hair thinning. To get thick hair, it is essential that your hair is always moisturised and natural oils play a crucial role in it. Thus, you must avoid over-washing your hair.

3. Add Essential Oils in your Hair Care Routine

Women spraying hair oil on her hair

Including essential oils such as the Keracare Acai Oil and the Keracare Nourish Shine Argan Hair Oil in your hair care routine. If you’re wondering how to get thicker hair, these oils can help by penetrating the hair shafts and follicles and make your hair healthy, soft, and glossy. Choose either of them based on your hair type and apply a few drops after every shampoo and conditioner/mask wash.

4. Blow-dry Like A Pro

Smiling woman styling her hair with a comb and hairdryer

If you’re looking for a temporary resolution on how to make your hair thicker, getting a quick blow-dry at the salon can make your tresses look dense. You can also execute this at home.

  • Grab a round brush, a blow-drying machine and a heat protectant spray
  • Flip the damp part of your hair to one side and apply the heat protectant spray
  • Blow-dry your hair, focusing on the roots and then do the same to the other side
  • Alternatively, make four sections of hair and blow-dry them one by one
  • After the hair is 90 percent dry, pick the round brush and blow-dry the top and crown sections for a final voluminous boost

One blowout creates a beautiful illusion that lasts for about a day.

The Takeaway

Follow the above-mentioned tips on how to get thicker hair and achieve voluminous tresses without much hassle. It’s no secret that your hair care products determine your hair health. Keeping this in mind, you can shop from the Godrej Professional range of products that are safe for different hair types, and even colour-treated hair. Using these products on a regular basis will certainly help you make your hair thicker and shinier.