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How To Choose Hair Colour For Indian Skin Tones

How to Choose Hair Colour for Indian Skin Tone

When you’re deciding which hair colour to opt for, it is important to know which colour would suit your skin tone. Since the right Professional hair colour can help accentuate your best features and also make you look good. Whereas the wrong hair colour can make you look dull, lifeless or will make your looks stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Whether a colour would look good on someone or not, depends largely on one’s undertones. The easiest way to identify one’s undertones is by looking at your veins, if they appear bluish, then it’s a cool undertone and if they appear greenish, then it’s a warm undertone. In case it appears purple, then it is considered to be a neutral undertone. Most Indians have warm undertones, leaning towards yellow, olive and gold shades and thus it is best to stick to hair colours that complement our skin tones. Read on to know which shades suit Indian skin tones the best.

1. The Brown Hues

Brown is the most natural, understated yet chic way to go about when colouring your hair. This shade reflects beautifully in natural light and is also very subtle, thus making it appropriate for a professional yet fashionable look. You could opt for highlights or go global with brown colour shades and look great!

2. The Red-Heads

If you love to go bold, then red is the right option for you. Red hair colour shade looks stunning on olive skin tones and thus is a great option for Indian skin tones. You can go for a fiery red with the Godrej Professional Colour Play in Red Passion or keep it elegant in the Cherry Red!

3. The Metallic Magic

Metallic colours like blonde, gold and copper reflect light beautifully, thus giving you those lustrous, shiny locks that you’ve always dreamt of. With the metallic hair colours, your options are endless with styles like ombres, balayages and so on.

4. The Classic Black

Who said black is boring? Accentuate your Indian roots by donning a jet black hair colour or simply covering those greys. Black is a truly timeless hair colour which looks great on every one. The Godrej Professional No Ammonia range is perfect to achieve shiny, envy worthy jet black hair that you would love to flaunt.

No more reasons to stop yourself from getting the Professional hair colours that are especially crafted for you! Just ask your stylist for the Godrej Professional range at your next appointment and flaunt your gorgeous hair.