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Perfect Coloured Hair Care

Perfect Coloured Hair Care

Colouring your hair can be pretty exciting. Many of us do quite a bit of research to get the shade just right to match our skin tones and personalities. However, it is equally important to know how to care for coloured hair as it needs just a bit more love and care. Hair colour lasts longer and remains vibrant if you use the right products and give your hair the nourishment that it needs. Check out our tips on how to care for coloured hair, the right way.

1. Opt for a colour protecting shampoo

After you get your hair coloured, it needs some extra love and attention. Regular shampoos are known to dry your hair and wash the colour off. Using a shampoo that is gentle on colour treated hair can enhance the longevity of the colour. It enables it to stay fresh and vibrant for a longer time. We’ve used the Godrej Professional Hair Care Range shampoos and they safely cleanse hair, maintaining the natural shine and radiance of hair.

2. Moisture Is Your BFF

We cannot stress the importance of moisturising your hair. Coloured hair needs more moisture than usual and is also more prone to damage and bleeding. After washing your hair, use a deep conditioning mask. Formulated for different hair types, the Godrej Professional Hair Care Range has a selection of masks widely used for colour treated hair. It forms a protective layer and also gives it adequate moisture.

3. Seal in the Moisture

The right products create a layer of protection for hair from the sun, pollution and dirt. We recommend using a serum like the Godrej Professional Protect Shine that adds moisture and shine to your hair without weighing it down. It also acts as a heat protectant while styling.

4. Regular Trims

Coloured hair is more prone to split ends. Getting a regular hair trim every 6-8 weeks is recommended to get rid of split ends and unhealthy hair. It allows your hair to grow with less breakage and thinning.

5. Rinse With Cold Water

Washing colour treated hair with hot water can dry out your scalp and hair, stripping it off essential oils and minerals. It also makes hair weak and brittle since the warm water makes hair cuticles overly porous, leading to hair fall. To protect your hair, wash your hair with cold water to seal in the moisture and prevent breakage.

It is vital to use the right after-care products for nourishment and protection. Check out the Godrej Professional Hair Care Range to keep your coloured hair vibrant and nourished.