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: How to use hair spray-Godrej Professional Hair Spray

How men and women can use a hair spray to don their best look?

Let’s admit it, the right hairstyle can level up your confidence, maybe enough to conquer the world. No wonder the haircare industry is flooded with styling products that can help you sport your favourite hairdo effortlessly. From serums to gels, hair waxes, and sprays, you can use a variety of products to style your locks perfectly. Here, we are going to shed light on the benefits of using hair sprays and tell you how to use hair sprays to style your locks the right way.

Uses and Benefits of Hair Spray

Instant Styling

Hair sprays allow you to experiment with your hairstyle and find one that suits you the most. A chic hairstyle combined with a stylish outfit can enhance your overall appearance and help you draw many eyeballs. And why not? As Harry Winston rightly said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Long-Lasting Hold

Hair sprays not only help you style your hair but also provide a strong hold to keep your locks in place. Thus, you can go about your day without worrying about your hair once you set it in the morning. A good quality hair spray will provide you with a long-lasting hold without making your hair too greasy. You can consider using the Hold It Hair Spray from the house of Godrej Professional, an exclusive hair spray that evenly coats each strand for stylish and long-lasting results.

Controls Frizz

Well-styled and neatly maintained locks are less likely to become frizzy and coarse. Hair sprays help you keep frazzled hair at bay and work wonderfully in taming frizz. Also, it can boost the shine of your locks, making your tresses glossier. Be it a wedding, social gathering, date night, or a formal appearance, hair sprays can help you look your best.

Now that you are aware of the various uses of hair sprays, let’s proceed to check out the different types of hair sprays and how to use a hair spray aptly.

Different Types Of hair sprays

  • Regular: This hair spray is ideal for taming unmanageable locks and keeping your hair in place. If you have long, wavy, unruly locks, you can use this hairspray to set your hair.
  • Finishing: Finishing hair sprays provide a strong hold to your hair and also boost its shine. As the name suggests, this hairspray will help you add a finishing touch to your mane once you are done styling it.
  • Texture: This is a strong hair spray that will add texture to your locks without weighing it down. The best part is that it won’t leave behind any residue even as it makes your hair look shiny and smooth.
  • Volumizing: This hair spray will make your mane look fuller and thicker by adding volume to it and giving it a rich, bouncy look.

Having learnt about the different types of hair sprays, let’s check out how to apply a hair spray the right way:

How to use hair sprays the right way

How to use hair spray-how to use hair sprays the right way

  1. Shake the hair spray bottle well before use.
  2. Hold it in an upright position, at least 12 inches away from your hair.
  3. Spray in a continuous motion. The micro-diffusion spray will distribute the product evenly on your locks.
  4. To tame unruly strands, you can spray the product into your palms and smoothen your hair down.

Most women find it difficult to maintain their hairstyle throughout the day. Hence, knowing how to use a hair spray for women can be extremely beneficial. With the right technique, you will be able to use the hairspray accurately and make your locks look more voluminous and shiny. Lastly, make sure that your hairspray doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. For best results, try the sulphate-free Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray.

Moreover, there are various other hair styling products offered by Godrej Professional that can help you level up your hair game. Visit Godrej Professional e-store and check out our exclusive sulphate-free product range now.