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How Does Hair Colour Damage Hair And How To Repair Them?

How Does Hair Colour Damage Hair And How To Repair Them?

Colouring your mane is probably the most effective way to transform your overall look. A hair colour that matches your personality and suits your skin tone can take your appeal to the next level and make you the centre of attraction at every gathering. While the right hair colour can notch up your hair game, regular colouring sessions can cause irreversible damage to your tresses in the long haul. Therefore, to protect your locks from colour damage, you must take all precautionary measures before colouring them. However, if your hair has already lost its natural sheen and texture due to excessive colouring, there are certain tips and tricks that can help repair colour damaged hair and restore the health of your locks. In this article, we are going to shed light upon how hair colouring damages hair and how can you repair colour damaged hair.

How Does Hair Colour Damage Hair?

When you colour your tresses, the chemicals in the hair colour change the structure of your hair strands in order to let the new colour take hold. While ammonia lifts the hair cuticles, peroxides breaks down the natural hair pigment. This reaction allows the colour to set in. The peroxide makes the hair parched and lifeless. With regular colouring sessions, these changes in the hair structure hair will make your tresses fragile and prone to breakage. Also, there are high chances of your hair colour fading away within a short duration if you have colour damaged hair. Therefore, it becomes all the more important that you take care of your coloured tresses and repair your colour damaged hair at the earliest.

Here are some essential measures that you can take to repair your colour damaged hair:

How To Repair Colour Damaged Hair?

Use Colour Protecting Shampoo

Ordinary shampoos may contain harmful chemicals that may fade the brilliance of your hair colour. Hence, you must try using colour protecting shampoos that keep the vibrancy and sheen of your hair colour intact. You can use the sulphate-free and colour-safe Keracare Repair Shampoo and Keracare Recharge shampoo offered by Godrej Professional.

Condition Your Locks

By conditioning your hair, you’ll be able to keep your hair moisturized and silky smooth. Make sure that you use a colour-safe conditioner as it will prevent the colour on your hair from fading. You can use the Keracare Recharge Conditioner from the house of Godrej Professional. This sulphate-free conditioner is suitable for all hair types and can breathe life into your colour damaged hair.

Use Colour Protect Hair-Styling Products

You must always exercise caution while using hair-styling products on your coloured tresses. Hair-styling products that contain sulphate and other toxic chemicals can further harm your colour damaged hair. Thus, it is best to use products that are sulphate-free, suitable for colour-treated hair, and aren’t loaded with chemicals. The following hair-styling products offered by Godrej Professional can help you achieve your desired hairstyle while maintaining the health of your tresses:

All these products are sulphate-free, enriched with UV protect ingredients, and suitable for all hair types.

Use Heat Protectant Spray Before Using Hot Tools

High temperature can open up the hair’s cuticle and make your hair colour fade sooner. Therefore, before you use any heating tools such as straighteners, curlers, flat irons, etc., ensure that you spritz a heat protectant product such as the Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair to your towel-dried hair. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid over-exposure to the sun, as it can cause colour to fade. A hat on scorching summer days could make a huge difference.

Cut Down On Colouring Sessions


The more often you colour your hair, the more likely it is to colour fade. Your locks become more porous each time you colour them, and this allows more water to pass in and out of the hair. This, in turn, reduces the vibrancy of your hair colour and leads to colour damaged hair.

Avoid Hot Water Showers


Hot water can strip off the moisture from your tresses, making them frizzy, dull, and lifeless. To ensure that your hair is well-hydrated, you must avoid hot showers. Instead, you must shower with lukewarm water as it will make your hair colour last longer.

By making the most of the above-mentioned tips, you can repair colour damaged hair in the easiest way. You must always be vigilant about the haircare products you use on your coloured tresses. Godrej Professional offers numerous colour-safe haircare products that can help you take care of your coloured locks in the ideal way. Visit Godrej Professional e-store and check out our exclusive products now.