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How to apply hair oil in a step by step process for hair growth and strengthening?

Expert Tips on How to Apply Hair Oil: Beauty Secrets Unveiled

Beautiful, healthy hair is an asset that enhances one's appearance and boosts self-confidence. One of the most effective and natural ways to keep your hair healthy and radiant is by using oil.Hair oils have long been used to promote hair growth and treat numerous related woes. Be it dandruff, breakage, dullness, or fragility, applying hair oil can keep all these concerns at bay. However, to reap the numerous benefits of hair oils, it is essential that you know how to apply a hair oil the right way. Revitalise your beauty routine with our ultimate guide on how to apply hair oil.

How to Apply Hair Oil Correctly?

By knowing how to use a hair oil the right way, you will be able to maintain your hair and scalp health with ease. Apply a hair oil in a step-by-step process to give your hair the much needed care it deserves and see the difference in no time. Here are some easy steps on how to apply a hair oil:

Step 1: Split your hair in sections and pour a few drops of the oil on your scalp in each section

Step 2: Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips for about 10-12 minutes

Step 3: Apply the oil to the lengths of your hair

Step 4: Cover your head with a shower cap or a clean cloth

Step 5: Keep it overnight or wash off after 1-2 hours

Benefits of Oiling Your Hair

Now that you have understood the traditional way of using oil and how to apply a hair oil before a wash, you should also know that there are many benefits of using hair oil after shampooing to give your locks an added layer of protection, shine and bounce.

Oiling hair has several benefits, including nourishing the scalp and hair follicles, preventing dryness and flakiness, promoting hair growth, and adding shine and luster to the hair. It helps to prevent dryness, which can lead to dandruff and breakage. Oiling your hair can also improve its texture and make it more manageable, reducing the appearance of split ends and making it easier to style.

This is where the Godrej Professional’s Range of Nourishing Oils can be of great value.You can consider applying the Keracare Acai Oil, the Keracare Argan Hair Oil or the Keracare Macadamia Oil to your locks to keep them moisturised, healthy, and glossy.  

With so many options to choose from, oiling your hair has become a process that is easier than ever! So let’s look at when to apply hair oil at the perfect time. 

  • Importance of Oiling Your Hair

    Oils contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that nourish the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth, and making it shinier and stronger. When your hair doesn’t receive sufficient nutrition, it becomes weak and fragile. 

    Not only that, oil also acts as a protective barrier on hair, stimulates blood circulation reducing hair breakage. Hair oil also plays a pivotal role in making your hair strong and shiny. 

    You can also use various Hair Shampoo, hair masks, and conditioners that have nourishing oils as their key ingredient. Now that you are well-aware of the various benefits of applying hair oil, let’s check out how to apply oil on hair the expert way.

    What Is The Best Time To Apply Oil On Hair?

    The question of when to apply hair oil is certainly debatable as there is no right or wrong time to do the same. Here, you have three options - 

    • Use a heavy oil an hour before washing your hair, 
    • Leave oil in your hair overnight or 
    • Apply a light oil on hair (the same way you use a hair serum) after your hair wash schedule. 
  • Is Overnight Oiling Good For Hair?

    Oiling hair overnight is one of the best tried and tested methods out there to make your strands stronger and healthier. When you massage your scalp with hair oil overnight, it ensures maximum absorption. It also helps in better and relaxing sleep.

    You can rinse this oil early in the morning the next day with cold or lukewarm water. Starting your day with a healthy hair routine can also help alleviate stressors resulting in good hair maintenance.

    Is Oiling Your Hair Everyday A Good Routine?

    In ancient times, oiling hair everyday was a good practice to ensure proper hair health. However, most people don’t have the time today due to lifestyle commitments and other stressors. Moreover, most hair care products in the market are formulated with harmful ingredients like sulphates and parabens that result in product buildup, in addition to dirt, dead skin cells and oils.

    If you don’t prefer using heavy oils on your scalp and hair before a shampoo wash, you can check Godrej Professional’s range of hair oils that consist of lightweight formulations to ensure all-round nourishment after a good shampoo and conditioner/hair mask rinse. 

    All three oils can make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. They are made of UV-protect ingredients that also shield your strands against environmental stressors. The best part? They are devoid of sulphates and parabens!


    Applying hair oil is a good way to kick back and focus on the one thing that’s most important to you - the way your hair compliments your appearance. Apart from hair oils, Godrej Professional also has a wide range of haircare and hair styling products in its arsenal. These products can help you attain the kind of tresses you have always longed for. The best part is that all these hair care products are suitable for colour-treated hair and can be used for all hair types. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to visit the Godrej Professional online store and check out our various products now!