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Haircare routine for summers: Don't let the heat and dust get to your beautiful hair

Haircare routine for summers: Don't let the heat and dust get to your beautiful hair

Early mornings, bright sunshine, delayed sunsets, and more — you know it’s summer! After the cold and dampness of winter, the heated months of summer are always a welcome change; but does your hair feel the same? Probably not. The sudden change in weather coupled with the harsh rays of the sun can be a total nightmare for haircare. Hence, it’s essential to have a haircare routine in summer.  

Why Do You Need To Have a Haircare Routine In Summer?

If your hair suddenly becomes difficult to maintain, frizzy, and dry in summer — well, you’re not alone! Having a summer haircare routine is essential because the hotter months of the year can be particularly detrimental for your hair, here’s why:

  • If you’re a swimmer, then please be aware of how the chlorine water is impacting your hair. While you’re relaxing in the pool, the chlorine water is stripping away your hair’s natural oils. It’s not unlikely to feel like your hair is dryer post a satisfying dip in the pool. 
  • If you’re regularly stepping out, thereby exposing your hair to the harsh sunlight, then you definitely need to have a few summer haircare tips up your sleeve. Sunlight contains strong UV rays that can penetrate your cuticles, thereby opening them up and making your hair dry and damaged.
  • Another reason why it’s important to know how to protect hair in summer is the unavoidable sweating and dust that can lead to scalp issues like dandruff, hair fall, frizziness, and more.
  • Humidity is another trouble that’s unique to summer. High humidity can make your hair appear frizzy and lifeless. In some cases, it might also weigh it down. If you live in a particularly humid environment, then this might be a struggle you experience beyond summer as well. Knowing how to tackle constant humidity is a big part of the Indian hair care routine.

At Godrej Professional, we recognize the specific issues that bother Indians — particularly frizzy hair. Here are some of our hair products that are created to help you tame that unwanted frizz:

Make these products a regular part of your summer haircare routine and experience strong and shiny hair even when it’s unbelievably hot outside! 

How to Protect Your Hair In Summer?

Summer haircare can be a little tricky because you might be in the mood to be wild but is your hair ready for the transition? Moreover, are you aware of all the precautions you should be taking? Well, don’t worry. Read on to be up to date with all the precautions and summer haircare tips you need to survive the season.

1. Shampoo As Often as Needed

Summer means you’re constantly sweating. Moreover, the accumulation of sweat on your scalp might lead to the settlement of dust and dirt. In such a situation, keeping your scalp free of sweat and dirt can make all the difference! An ideal Indian haircare routine needs a healthy balance - one shouldn’t overwash their hair; at the same time, don’t hold back either! Godrej Professional has a whole range of nourishing shampoos, like Honey Moisture Shampoo and Avocado Nourish Shampoo, that are made using natural ingredients and will not harm your hair.

2. Condition Regularly

For starters, know that simply shampooing your hair is not enough. You must also complement it with a conditioner to make the most of your summer haircare routine. Conditioning adds moisture to hair and prevents breakage during summer.

3. No Artificial Heat

Summer season means your hair is getting enough heat already and most probably, doesn’t need anymore. Avoid using artificial heat as much as you can. Staying away from straighteners and blowdryers is a crucial summer haircare tip that’ll help you bear the heated months!

4. Cover Your Hair

Lastly, keep in mind that physically keeping your hair protected is an equally important part of haircare routine in summer. Don a trendy hat if possible or simply cover up your hair with a scarf when it’s directly under the sun and you’re good to go!

People often feel unsure of how to protect hair in summer, but it’s not that difficult. A few handy summer haircare tips are all you need and they can take you a long way - after all, prevention is better than cure. For products that can help your hair become more manageable during the summer months, visit our Godrej Professional e-store and shop away!