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What Hair Color Suits Your Personality

What Hair Color Suits Your Personality?

Fashion is all about self-expression. How you present yourself to the world says a lot about your personality, right from your clothes, shoes and hairstyle! Even your hair colour can say a lot about who you are – so pick one that fits your persona perfectly. Let your hair do the talking and read on to know which hair colour suits your personality best.

1. The Trendsetter

If you’re the kind that likes to keep it stylish, at the same time, tasteful and elegant then subtle brownish-golden hues are perfect for you. Remember, shades like brown suit most Indian skin tones. It oozes sophistication making you the ultimate trendsetter in town.

2. The Romantic

Obsessed with romance and the idea of love? If you get doe-eyed while watching romantic movies or simply can’t put a romantic novel down, then you are quite the romantic. Hazel hair colour is something you may want to opt for considering how it highlights and compliments black hair. We have used the Godrej Professional Colour Play in Hazel Gold and swear by it. The hair colour is not commitment-phobic and is very long lasting so that you don’t have to make frequent trips to the salon. You’re in it for the long haul!

3. The Go-Getter

If you have a passionate love for life and will leave no stone unturned to reach your goals then you are the go-getter. You need a hair colour that is as mesmerizing as your personality and perfectly defines your fiery personality. We suggest going in for a fiery red hair colour to get to suit your style.

4. The Free-Spirited

You are adventurous and free-spirited if you are known for being the life of the party and most likely to be the most outgoing amongst your friends. We suggest going in for a cherry red shade, thus making a bold style statement and standing out from the crowd, just like your persona!

Opt for Godrej Professional Colour Play in Cherry Red, this vibrant and intense colour will go with the rest of your look.

5. The Girl Next Door

If you’re looking for a change but still wish to play it safe, a very subtle brown is your go-to hair colour. Choose a brown shade that is subtle, not over-the-top and absolutely gorgeous, much like yourself! Pick a colour that is 2-3 shades lighter than your original shade and notice how it brings out your eyes.