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Dry and Frizzy Hair Treatment: Remedies To Get You Through Summer

Dry and Frizzy Hair Treatment: Remedies To Get You Through Summer

Some are born with dry and frizzy hair while others are forced to deal with it specifically during summers. Either way, managing dry and frizzy hair can be ‘rough’. The lack of moisture not only alters the texture and quality of hair for worse, but also makes it prone to breakage and split ends. Further, dry and frizzy hair can be very difficult to manage, with disruptive flyaway strands appearing out of nowhere and whatnot! If you’ve ever struggled with dry and frizzy hair and wondered “why”, read on.

Causes of Dry and Frizzy Hair

Before we take a look at dry and frizzy hair treatments, let’s first understand what causes our hair to become like that. The primary reason for dry hair is lack of moisture. When your hair doesn’t get enough moisture, it tends to become frizzy and dull. There are several factors that can lead to inadequate moisture in hair:

  • Living in a dry or hot climate can automatically result in dry and frizzy hair.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water is a common cause of dry and frizzy hair in the summer. 
  • Too much sun exposure can cause heat damage and lead to dry and frizzy hair.
  • Not having a proper summer haircare routine that provides necessary nourishment to your hair can also be one of the causes.

How to Get Rid of Dry And Frizzy Hair

In today’s day and age, dry and frizzy hair is a common issue, especially in summers. However, just because it’s not unusual doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try out frizzy and dry hair remedies. Here are some simple frizzy hair solutions to get you through the hot summer months:

  • Use Safe Nourishing Shampoos

    Using shampoos that contain nourishing natural ingredients is especially important if you have dry and frizzy hair. Such shampoos help retain the moisture in your hair. This is a tried and tested frizzy hair remedy. Godrej Professional has a range of nourishing shampoos that are paraben-free:
  • Always Condition Your Hair

    Using a nourishing shampoo is a beneficial dry hair remedy as it helps retain the natural oils in your hair. However, it might not be enough at times. If your hair is particularly prone to dryness, then it will need additional conditioning agents like hair masks. A hair mask or conditioner will not only hydrate your locks but also protect them from split ends and heat damage. You can consider using Godrej Professional’s unique collection of sulphate- and paraben-free hair masks along with the shampoos mentioned earlier:
  • Avoid

    Simply ditching the blow dryer and letting your hair dry naturally instead can automatically reduce frizz and dryness. If you have curly hair and regularly struggle with frizz, then this is the best frizzy hair solution to try out. If you’re not too inclined to give up on blow-drying, then consider attaching a diffuser to the mouth of the hairdryer. This will limit the amount of heat directly hitting the strands and will also decrease friction. Once your hair is nicely dried, consider styling it with the Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray and Hold It Hair Spray.

  • Use Anti-Frizz Products

    While natural home remedies for frizzy and dry hair are evergreen, at times, they’re not enough. Using haircare products that are aimed at controlling frizz and treating dry hair might be the solution to your problem. Godrej Professional’s Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair is a sulphate-free formula specially created to tackle frizzy hair. It is enriched with quinoa extracts that deeply condition the hair and boost its strength. The Protect Shine Serum is another leave-in product enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil and helps moisturise the hair, thereby preventing frizz. 

  • Get a Silk Pillowcase

    Switching to a silk pillowcase will reduce the friction your hair suffers and prevent split ends and breakage. Moreover, it will also help your locks retain moisture through the night. Thus, you can expect to wake up to tangle-free hair in the morning!

  • Oil Your Hair And Scalp

    Sometimes, an oil treatment can give your hair the required dose of moisture. This is a simple dry scalp remedy. All you have to do is take Godrej Professional’s Nourish Argan Oil or Acai Oil and apply it in sections on your scalp and hair. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes or keep it overnight. Rinse off with a shampoo. This dry scalp solution will ensure proper nourishment, thereby making your tresses lustrous and healthy. 

  • Avoid the Cotton Towel

    Wrapping a cotton towel around wet hair to dry it off is a common technique. However, it’s also very damaging as it causes friction and sucks the moisture out of your hair strands. When you step out of the shower, your hair is at its most vulnerable and must be protected in order to ensure minimum breakage. Instead, use a towel with a softer fabric. This will retain the moisture in your strands and prevent the cuticles from swelling up.

Now that you’re well-aware of all the dry and frizzy hair solutions, it’s time to start prepping for summer. Godrej Professional has some unique haircare products that are enriched with UV-protect ingredients and are perfect for the season. Visit the Godrej Professional e-store now to know more about our products and offers and feel free to shop away!

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