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5 Daily Professional Hair care Routine & Tips for Best Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair

Let’s admit it: amidst the daily push and pull of life, the one thing that bears the brunt in your self-care routine is your hair. Be it curly or straight, every hair type deserves a certain amount of care to feel and look its best. And since every hair type is unique, you need a haircare routine that’s solely meant for you. This simply means – a straight-haired person shouldn’t be following a curly hair routine and vice versa. To set your tempo in place, you need to start by creating a daily haircare routine for yourself. To establish your ideal tempo, begin by crafting a hair care routine with guidance from Heena Dalvi, the National Technical Head of Godrej Professional and a hairdressing expert. She emphasizes the significance of tailoring a personalized hair care routine for your specific needs.

Wondering how a daily hair care routine for Indian hair looks like? Check out these Indian haircare tips for men below:

1. Use The Right Shampoo:

To cleanse your scalp and hair shafts, you must use the right shampoo that does not contain a long list of harmful chemicals. Also, depending upon your hair type, you must choose a hair shampoo that is best suited for you.This will nourish and strengthen your hair follicles and promote its thickness.

Women pouring Godrej Professional's sulphate-free conditioner on her hand

You can consider using the Godrej Professional shampoo to wash your hair. These shampoos come with a touch a nature, and will help keep your locks shiny and healthy.

Fragile Hair

Avacado Nourish Shampoo

Dry & Damaged Hair

Honey Moisture Shampoo

Frizzy Hair

Quinoa Smooth Shampoo

Normal to Dry Hair

Keratin Shampoo

2. Do Not Shampoo Everyday:

You may think that an Indian haircare routine involves a vigorous session of hair cleansing due to extreme dirt and pollution. We’re happy to break it to you that your hair does not need a daily dose of shampoo. Constant shampooing can cause your hair to dry out, especially when you have naturally dry hair. To help you face this issue, try using a natural shampoo twice every week.

3. Use a Conditioner:

Shampooing alone won’t work when it comes to Indian hair care. You need a natural hair conditioner too. Using a natural hair conditioner or a sulphate free conditioner will nourish your scalp and hair, leaving you with a moisturised and healthy shine.

  • 4. Regularly Trim Your Hair:

    Escaping hair trimming is a complete no-no. You must get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Choose a Simple haircut that suits your look, but do it after every three weeks without fail.

    5. Treat Your Hair Gently:

    Woman applying Godrej Professional hair products after showering

    The trick to getting your hair game on point is by treating them gently. Therefore, refrain from attacking your wet hair by aggressively rubbing and pulling at it. Instead, rub them gently to prevent hair breakage. Moreover, do not pull at your hair while combing them. It can cause hair thinning, and, in turn, damage your scalp.

    Now that you are aware of the routine haircare tips for men, let’s have a look at some easy Indian haircare tips for women.

    1. Treat Your Hair With Some Oil:

    A young woman applying Godrej Professional hair oil to her brown hair

    The basic step to your haircare routine is to oil your hair regularly. Oiling acts a quick remedy for damaged hair, drying tresses, split ends, dandruff, as well as rough, frizzy hair. It makes your hair smooth and frizz-free, thus strengthening the hair follicles and boosting its volume. You can use the Godrej Professional Acai Oil to moisturise and nourish your hair.

    2. Use Hair Masks:

    Woman applying moisturizing hair mask from Godrej Professional on her short hair

    Just like a face mask nourishes your skin, a moisturising hair mask can work wonders when it comes to transforming dry, frizzy locks to healthy, shiny tresses. You can make use of Avocado Nourish Mask, Honey Hair Mask or the Quinoa Smooth Mask by Godrej Professional. These hair masks come with a touch of nature and are sure to repair damage and rejuvenate your hair, making them silky, shiny and supple.

    Hair Type

    Hair Mask for You

    Dry and damaged hair

    Avocado Nourish Mask

    Dry hair

    Honey Hair Mask

    Frizzy hair

    Quinoa Smooth Mask

    3. Shampoo Your Hair:

    Woman washing her hair with shampoo in the shower

    To keep your hair and scalp in good condition and cure dandruff permanently, you need a shampoo that gently cleanses your hair without drying them out. Shampooing removes dirt, excess oil, and sweat from your scalp, preventing the growth of bacteria and other hair problems. This is exactly why having a clean scalp is necessary as it promotes hair growth and hydrates your hair.

    4. Do Not Forget To Steam:

    Wondering how steaming up your hair leads to strong and healthy hair? The heat produced from steam hydrates the hair, especially those that are naturally dry, and retains the moisture. Besides, it also provides softness and leads to better hair growth. Say goodbye to parched tresses!

    5. Finish Up With A Leave-In Cream:

    A leave-in cream will help retain moisture in your hair, leaving your locks detangled and shiny. You can make use of the Quinoa Smooth Shampoo and Quinoa Smooth Mask. Enriched with the goodness of quinoa extracts, this leave-in cream can smoothen and strengthen your tresses as well as protect your hair and scalp from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

    Following these Indian hair care tips using hair care products found in India will draw you closer to your dreams of strong and healthy hair.

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