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Colouring Reduces Hair Volume

Colouring Reduces Hair Volume - Myth or Fact

Many women wonder if it is safe to colour hair as there are a number of questions that loom in the mind. Women tend to believe that hair colour leads to dryness, hair thinning and ultimately breakage. This is a myth.

In fact, colour that is done well, creates a play of different shades and makes your hair shaft look thicker, therefore creating an illusion of denser hair.

The choice of hair colour used by your stylist greatly impacts your hair. To make colour a safe and fun experience choose a hair colour which is gentle on your hair. Godrej Professional No Ammonia range of hair colours are created especially for Indian hair and will not hamper with the strength and density of your natural hair and provide long lasting vibrant colour.

It is also important to take care of hair post colouring.

Reduction of hair density can occur due to lack of moisture. Make sure you maintain optimum levels of moisture in your hair and rejuvenate your strands. A good serum can go a long way and provides moisture to your coloured hair. Godrej Professional Nourish Shine Argan Oil is formulated keeping in mind the needs of coloured hair. It is rich in nutrients and argan oil, which penetrates deep into your shaft and hair follicles, in turn providing your hair with the nourishment it needs.

With proper care and maintenance you need not worry about the density and you can easily maintain your volume and lustre after getting your hair coloured.

– Ryan D’ Rozario
Technical Ambassador