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Cannes 2022: 5 Hairstyles We Recommend For You!

Cannes 2022: 5 Hairstyles We Recommend For You!

The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is here! The most anticipated event of the year features elegance, splendour, and glamour. This year's event is extremely significant and special for India as the Cannes 2022  Film Festival is honouring Indian cinema, and the country has been named the first 'nation of honour' at the Marche du Cinema. With profound pride and honour the largest delegation of Bollywood superstars, influencers, luminaries and brand ambassadors are proudly gracing and walking the red carpet.

Cannes is about more than just honouring the art of cinema; it is also about witnessing amazing fashion and a new wave of styles, notably their breathtaking hairstyles. Here are our experts' top 5 hairstyles from the Cannes Film Festival 2022 that you can achieve with the appropriate styling and tools!

1. Deepika’s Textured Bun with Curtain Fringe



Deepika Padukone's gorgeous Cannes red carpet outfit once again leaves us speechless. Her outfit is entirely black with a silver accent, redefining power dressing. She accessorised her look with a Cartier necklace, neutral makeup, bright red lipstick, and a beautiful textured bun

To create this perfect look -

  • Loosely tong the hair.
  • Tie your hair into a firm ponytail.
  • Twist your hair from root to tip, then spiral it around the base of your ponytail.
  • To keep your bun in place, tuck the tip of your hair tie under it or use bobby pins.

2. Tamannaah’s Sleek Back Hair with Vintage Waves


Tamannaah Bhatia embodies elegance in a spectacular and electric body-hugging gown with a larger-than-life white trail that adds to the monochromatic effect. The model's look was enhanced by dramatic eye makeup, on-point hair, diamond earrings and a sleek hairdo with vintage waves.

Here’s how you too can get this look -

  • To build volume, use a large round hairbrush to blow dry your hair up at the roots near the top of the head.
  • Blow-dry the sides and back.
  • Pinback the sides of your hair with no-crease clips and keep the top volumized and tong the remaining hair in loose waves with a large barrel curler.
  • You can also spray the Hold It! Hair Spray for maximum hold.

3. Pooja’s Picture Perfect Ponytail


Pooja Hegde looks nothing less than a Disney princess! This year marked the actress' big Cannes red carpet debut, and she made it count. In a strapless pink sleeveless Maison Geyanna Youness ball gown, she just glittered and glowed. Her hair was pulled back in a low-rising ponytail with a separator in the centre. She completed her appearance with flawless makeup and drop earrings.

Here’s how you can get this look -

  • Detangle your hair correctly with a hair brush to avoid knots.
  • Using a hair comb, create a central divide.
  • Take all of your hair and pull it backwards.
  • Tie it up with a hair tie.
  • Secure the fallen hair with hair clips or bobby pins.
  • Stretch the ponytail from the base to create the illusion of a thicker ponytail.
  • Use a Shine On! Shine Spray to set it and keep it fresh all day.
  • Add some glam with ribbons, flowers, or bows.

4. Diipa's Show Stopping Sleek Hair




Diipa Büller-Khosla has always had a thing for elegant dresses, and this outfit proves it. Her goddess-like appearance is swoon-worthy. Loose hair with distinguishing waves and striking earrings completed the outfit perfectly. Get her hair look in just a few steps!

  • Blow dry your hair, then split it in front of your neck.
  • Prepare a diagonal portion with Shine On! Shine Spray.
  • Using a curler, create waves section by section. Don't keep the heat on for too long.
  • Using an oval dressing brush, brush through your hair.

5. Hina’s Hot Curls


Hina Khan rules the Cannes red carpet in a ravishing ruched Rami Al Ali red gown, radiating grace and flare. Her haircut was the right combination of flair and charm, with subtle curls that looked lovely with her outfit. Slight curls is a simple and natural hairstyle that especially suits women with short hair.

To get this style, curl large sections of hair at a time. Wrap your hair around the barrel of the curler, pointing it downwards. Wrap the hair loosely around the barrel. Wait for the hair to cool before combing out the curls with your fingers.

And with these gorgeous and stylish hairstyles, you too can get ready for your next special occasion!