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3 Easy Hairstyles Bollywood Dads Want You To Try #FathersDay

3 Easy Hairstyles Bollywood Dads Want You To Try #FathersDay

For any man that simultaneously dons the cap of being a father, life does get busy. Managing household chores, running a business, maintaining a family - sometimes these things can drive away self-care for most men. This includes not being able to keep good care of their hair. 

The key to healthy, gorgeous hair is to ensure that your dad strikes a balance between your busy schedule and prioritizing some time for himself. When it comes to the latest hairstyles for men, our experts recommend some new hairstyles that are doing the rounds this year. They are simple, cool and will not go out of fashion for a long time.

Best Hairstyles for Men in 2022

Short hairstyles for men are usually in all seasons. Due to the ease of maintenance, these simple hairstyles for men look good on most.

Here are our experts’ top picks for hairstyles for men in 2022 that will be a hit with your dad this Father’s Day.

1. High and Tight

While trying simple hairstyles for men, nothing beats the high and tight hairstyle. To begin with, the sides and the back of the hair should be consistent in length. This gives the illusion of hair volume and is perfect for those dads having signs of balding. You can even apply the Hold It! Hair Spray to make this hairstyle for men stay in place.

Usage Recommendation:

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Hold it 12 inches away from your hair in an upright position.
  • Spray it on the lengths of your hair.
  • The micro diffusion spray will distribute the mist evenly on your hair.

Suitable for all hair types, this hairstyling product provides maximum hold for long hours. It is non-sticky and can be reworked anytime, allowing you the flexibility to change your look as you like. 

2. Slicked Back

If you’re looking for formal hairstyles for men, let us present to you the gentleman’s touch with the popular slicked back hairstyles. This hairstyle is a hit among most fathers because of its classy appearance. 

How to achieve this classy hairstyle for men?

  • Make sure you have long hair that can fall on your face.
  • Gather most of your hair on the top of your head.
  • Start by slowly trimming the sides of your hair but without making a clear distinction.
  • Create the appearance of a fade between the top and the sides.
  • Your slicked back hair should be ready to flaunt, and you can choose to brush it on either side, or towards the back of your head.
  • Keep it in place with the Mold & Hold Hair Wax.

This hair wax for men is sulphate-free, which means it’s safe to use for every hairstyle your dad wishes to don this season. It has a long-lasting hold and is non-greasy. It’s fibre-dry texture makes it reworkable on the hair, as and when required.

3. Deep Side Undercut

The trick to getting this hairstyle for men is to leave almost no hair on the sides. If you have a daring dad willing to try something unique this time, this trending hairstyle for men should be his ideal pick in 2022. Ensure that the top has more volume in comparison to the sides. Leave little or no hair on the sides to get the perfect undercut.

To style this hairstyle perfectly, you can use the Hold It! Hair Spray to keep it in place. This product also gives you the flexibility to rework your hair owing to its micro-diffusion composition.

Make Father’s Day memorable for your dad by giving him the joy of a good hairstyle for men in 2022. Moreover, you can urge him to keep his hair health on track by sifting through our collection of safe hair care products for all hair types.