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Winter Hair Colour

Best Winter Hair Colours to Compliment Your Look

Agreed that winter is the time for big chills, chic coats, and over-the-knee boots, but that isn’t a reason to let your mane be any less fashionable. With all the white, pinks, blues, and beige tones flooding your Instagram feed, we know the burning question in your mind – what are the best winter hair colours to complement my winter vibe? Well, guess what? We have a surprise for you! We’ve curated a list of top 12 winter hair colour trends you will absolutely love to sport this winter.

Best Hair Colours for Winter:

1. Ash Blonde

Winter hair colour-Ash blonde

If you want to welcome the winter with a bang, then this ash blonde is the best hair colour to start with. It sports a mix of ashy beige and grey and is ideal for those winter night gatherings. Go ahead and click some pictures with this beauty to flood your Instagram feed with!

2. Winter Blonde

Winter Hair Colour-Winter Blonde

Women choose to go too cold or warm with their hair colours during winters. Though there’s no denying that it does look good, nothing beats the understated sandy blonde shade. It sports the right amount of warmth by showcasing a pretty blend of subtle beige and pale white highlights to spruce up your winter.

3. Black And Brown

Winter Hair Colour-Black and Brown

Black looks great, but the solid hue can likely look too gloomy to welcome the winter with. That’s why we’ve diluted the black with cacao bean brown highlights for the perfect wintry twist. Ah! This is your do-not-miss brunette look for sure!

4. Brown Balayage

Winter Hair Colour-Brown Balayage

Brown hair is a sure winner this winter. The brown dimensional balayage highlighted all over from the middle of your hair to the ends will make your fireplace pictures look stunning.

5. Golden Brown

Winter Hair Colour-Golden Brown

Winter is the season where cooler tones are more predominant than the usual warm and balmy hues. If you have brown hair, add hints of golden highlight to your tresses to enhance the warmth of your overall look. Pair it with a winter coat and voila – your chic hair winter look is complete.

6. Pretty Pink

Winter Hair Colour-Pretty Pink

There are endless options when it comes to hair colouring ideas for winter. So, if you want to make the most of your colour palette, go with this cool violet-pink blend. This surreal hair colour has violet undertones and baby pink highlights. It’s simply irresistible!

7. Chestnut Brown

Winter Hair Colour-Chestnut Brown

Thinking of ideas for new pictures can be quite motivating. Welcome the dark chestnut brown! The base is accented with subtle cinnamon-toned highlights, which makes it look chic and effortless. We suggest a medium-length hairstyle with long curls to complement those lovely highlights.

8. Mauve

Winter Hair Colour-Mauve

This is a brilliant winter hair colour and is great for accentuating your gorgeous wavy tresses. Think of it like a mix of purple and burgundy with hints of pink. It leans more towards the warm colour spectrum and will look nothing short of a spectacle this winter.

9. Gold And Silver

Winter Hair Colour-Golden Silver Hair

Gold and silver have been known as the best friends since times immemorial. This hair colour sports hints of silver over a golden mane. Pick an overall shade of light golden blonde and brush some silver streaks over it to enhance the wow factor. Everybody’s sure to love it!

10. Red

Winter Hair Colour-Red

Get fiery this winter season with stunning red highlights. The key is to avoid overdoing the highlights and to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair colour. Cue: pick a red shade that’s closer to your natural hair colour.

11. Caramel

Winter Hair Colour-Caramel

The goodness of caramel is truly a bliss! It makes every little thing look better, just like the lovely caramel streaks beautifully highlighted all over your naturally black tresses. They add warmth and a sun-kissed touch to your hair.

12. Pastel Purple

Winter Hair Colour-Pastel Purple

This winter win people’s heart with this gorgeous pastel-purple shade. With faint grey undertones and purple highlights flowing down your tresses, this hair colour stands as a winner this winter. If you want a drastic make-over, chop your hair short and curl it to flaunt your purple locks.

These are some the best winter hair colour ideas that will complement your look without fail. If they’ve inspired you enough, try them out; you won’t be sorry. Lastly, make sure to take care of your coloured tresses by using sulphate-free shampoos, sulphate-free conditioners, and masks. You can consider using the below-mentioned hair products to keep your coloured locks glossy and healthy:

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