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Best Ideas for Hairstyles With Curly Hair

Best ideas for hairstyles with curly hair

If you know how to maintain and style it well, curly hair has the potential to look gorgeous. However, compared to straight hair, having natural curly hair can sometimes be an unexpected struggle. But once you have it tamed, there’s nothing quite like it. With a good haircut, the right products, and some useful tips by your side, any curly hair girl can take charge of her locks. All you need is a drive to achieve healthy and beautiful hair!

However, before we get into the best haircuts and hairstyles for curly hair, let’s first understand the different types of curly hair. 

Different Types of Curly Hair

Whether straight, wavy, curly, or coily — the shape of a hair strand is determined by the shape and thickness of the hair follicle. A person with natural curly hair probably has oval hair follicles that grow at a particular angle. Further, the chemical bond of your hair also determines the kind of natural curls you might have. 

Curly hair is often referred to as type 3 category hair and is further divided into three types. Type 3 category hair generally appears wavy when it’s wet, and then transitions into tighter curls after drying.

1. Type 3A

Type 3A curls appear soft and bouncy. They’re also larger in diameter and the hair is not coarse. Curly hair girls with type 3A curls don’t necessarily need to put too much effort into styling. If you want your curls to temporarily appear straight, a flat iron can be used to get the desired look. Follow this up with the Godrej Professional Hair setting spray  that is suitable for all hair types and will ensure your hairstyle remains intact for long. It will also keep your curls detangled.

2. Type 3B

Type 3B curls are more defined than type 3A. These natural curls are tighter and resemble corkscrews. They’re relatively more prone to frizziness. Use Godrej Professional’s Shampoos & Hair Serums to tackle the same. Type 3B hair is also vulnerable to breakage, hence, drying your curls gently is of utmost importance.

3. Type 3C

The curliest of them all — type 3C hair has curls that are much tighter and close-knit, compared to type 3B. Strands are packed together closely. Type 3C hair looks very dense and voluminous. However, look out for unwanted frizziness.

Any curly hair girl will agree that having to take care of curly hair can be challenging. One thing that helps make this task easier is getting the right haircuts for curly hair. A good haircut is pretty much half the problem solved! 

Additionally, using suitable products that do not contain any harmful chemicals is also essential in the upkeep of your natural curls. Godrej Professional also has a whole range of shampoos, like the Avocado Nourish Shampoo and Quinoa Smooth Shampoo, which are gentle and enriched with natural goodness.

On that note, let’s now take a look at some of the best hairstyles for curly hair. 

  • An Easy Last-Minute Updo

    A simple updo is not only a convenient hairstyle for curly hair but also adds a rather refined look as opposed to your naturally wild curls. If you have a formal event just around the corner but you’re not too much in the mood of putting effort, an updo it is! Use the Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray to ensure that your curls look soft and shiny.

  • A Curly Bob With Side Bangs

    A bob cut looks extremely chic on women with curly hair. Combining it with side bangs will give your curls a youthful appearance. Instead of side bangs, you can also opt for front bangs that will cover your forehead. To keep your curls well-hydrated and lustrous use the Godrej Professional Honey Moisture Mask.

  • Layered Long Curly Hair

    If you have long curly hair, consider getting it cut in layers. This will give your curls more volume at the top and less volume at the bottom, making it easy to manage wherever you go. This is a great haircut for curly hair women and suits faces of all shapes and sizes.

  • V-Cut Curls With Highlights simple.

    V-cut will give your long curly hair an angular look. Add some professional hair colour highlights and you can expect to make heads turn wherever you go! Godrej Professional’s Peek-A-Boo Ruby highlights merge a feisty red with your natural hair colour, giving your appearance a playful and trendy vibe.

Now that you know everything there is to know about your natural curly hair, dive in! Knowing your type of curls will help you figure out the best to tame them. The next step is to find a reliable hairdresser and get a haircut of your choice. When it comes to maintaining curly hair, haircare products are indispensable. Shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in serum, oil and more -— you’ll need it all and we can help you. We have a wide range of haircare products available on our Godrej Professional e-store. So shop away!