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Looking For The Best Hair Products To Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine? Godrej Professional Has Got Your Back

Every type of hair, just like every person, is unique and dances to its own tune. Perhaps that’s why achieving healthy hair seems like a tough task for most of us. But if you still fall into this bracket of people, that’s probably because you haven’t given Godrej Professional’s premium hair care range a try. An assortment of premium ingredients used in scientifically created formulas –  Godrej Professional has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2007 with the best hair products for every hair type.

3 Reasons Why You Should Trust Godrej Professional For The Best Hair Products

Before we introduce you to the Godrej Professional range of hair care products, let us tell you why you should trust us for all your hair care needs.

1. There’s Something for Every Hair Type

At Godrej Professional, our line-up of hair care products range from professional shampoo and conditioners to masks and hair oil, that includes something for every hair type. Each product is formulated for different hair types, keeping in mind the concerns faced by most consumers on a regular basis - dryness, dullness, hair fall and damage, to name just a few.

2. We’re Here, There and Everywhere

Most hair stylists and experts associated with Godrej Professional come from every corner of the country, including Tier II and III cities, and our products are accessible to consumers across India today. There is diversity in knowledge surrounding hair care, hair colour and style, and the techniques used by our professionals. In fact, Heena Dalvi - the National Technical Head at Godrej Professional and a renowned hair care expert - boasts of 2 decades of experience in the industry. Watch her share some great hair care tips through her Instagram handle.

3. We’re Changing the Style Game

Since its inception, Godrej Professional has been attempting to up the style and hair care game. Taking every hair concern in consideration, the brand creates products and solutions designed to suit different hair-related woes. We have a wide range of the best hair products for hair care, hair style and hair colouring- bringing all your hair requirements under our umbrella of expertise.

Convinced to try us out? Let’s have a look at some of the best hair products from Godrej Professional.

Best Hair Products for Dry Hair

Women touching her dry hair

Although dry hair is not something major to worry about, ignoring it can lead to damaged and brittle strands. Unprotected sun exposure, excessive heat styling, and humidity - all contribute to dry hair. Another reason for dry hair can be using the wrong shampoo. Most shampoos contain sulphate and strip your hair of sebum. People with dry hair need a shampoo that adds hydration. Our Probio Keratin Revive Shampoo and Probio Keratin Revive Mask are the best hair products that will help give your dry and rough hair the much needed hydration.

Best Hair Products for Oily Hair

Sad woman looking at her thin hair in the mirror

When your scalp produces excessive sebum it can result in oily and/or unwanted greasy hair. Overwashing can also contribute to oily hair because when you overwash your hair your scalp gets irritated and counteracts this dryness by producing more sebum. This becomes a cyclical pattern. We recommend sticking to washing your hair 2 – 3 days a week with a mild shampoo and spacing out your hair washes for your scalp to get oil production in control. You can use our Keracare Moisture Recharge Combo with Acai Oil that will help cleanse your hair gently while retaining moisture and hydration.

Best Hair Products for Frizzy Hair

Worried women combing her curly hair

Frizzy hair is an unwanted situation for many. Frizzy hair craves moisture and when your hair requirements are not met, the cuticles rise to let the moisture in, causing your hair to swell up and become frizzy. Tackle the frizz and restore the moisture balance back into your hair with our Probio Quinoa Smooth Shampoo and Probio Quinoa Smooth Mask. You can also use our Keracare Smooth Range consisting of the Keracare Smooth Renew Shampoo and the Keracare Smooth Renew Mask. It helps tame frizzy and unruly hair and transforms it into soft, silky and lustrous locks.

Best Hair Products for Damaged Hair

Women with dandruff itching scalp

Not taking proper care of your hair after chemical treatments, using heat styling tools, over brushing your hair, and using the wrong products? Doing one or all of these things can lead to damaged hair. Such hair needs moisture and restorative treatments to undo the damage. We recommend using our Probio Honey Moisture Range, consisting of the Probio Honey Moisture Shampoo, Probio Honey Moisture Mask and Probio Honey Moisture Moisturising Spray Conditioner. Formulated with the goodness of honey and nourishing oils, these are the best hair products for adding intense moisture to your damaged hair, revealing well-nourished, hydrated and healthy tresses. 

Best Hair Products for Fragile Hair

Asian Woman Hand Holding Hair Loss Falling On Comb

While there are many causes for weak and fragile hair there is no denying that they need to be looked after with gentle care. Using shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products with strengthening and repairing properties specifically designed for such hair can help you restore your hair’s health. If you are looking to give your fragile and sensitised hair the much needed care, we recommend using our Probio Avocado Nourish Range, consisting of the Probio Avocado Nourish Shampoo and Probio Avocado Nourish Mask. Enriched with avocado and almond oil, it nutrifies your locks with essential vitamins and fatty acids that boost your scalp and hair health.

Best Hair Products for Chemically Treated Hair

Women getting her hair reconditioned in the salon 

Thinking about getting a vibrant hair dye, or a keratin treatment? While such treatments can incredibly enhance your hair’s look, not taking proper care can ruin your hair's health. You should ensure to use mild products that are safe for your chemical/colour treated locks.    We recommend using the Keracare range of sulphate and paraben-free hair products, consisting of shampoos, masks, sulphate-free conditioners and oils. These products are specially formulated for post-treatment care and are free of harsh chemicals to provide gentle nourishment to your hair.

The Takeaway

Choosing the right hair products is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. That is where Godrej Professional can be incredibly helpful with our diverse range of high-quality hair products that cater to different hair types and concerns. By incorporating our products into your hair care routine, you can nourish and strengthen your hair, and achieve your all hair goals. So why not give them a try and see the difference for yourself? 

Visit our online store and check out the full range of Godrej Professional products today.