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Care tips for Post Keratin Treatment

7-Best Care Tips for Hair Post Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a naturally found protein in the hair and is primarily responsible for protecting the hair from humidity, thereby preventing frizz. However, due to prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution, dust and use of harsh chemical-laden hair products, the hair may lose its keratin with time and become all dry, dull and frizzy. That’s where a keratin treatment can prove to be extremely helpful. A keratin treatment is known to de-frizz even the tightest curls. As a result, keratin treatment has emerged as one of the most popular ways to get smooth, shiny and silky hair. What makes keratin treatment even more appealing is, with a proper hair care routine, its results can last up to six months.

So, if you’ve been dealing with frizzy hair, getting a keratin treatment is something that you must surely consider. However, to make sure that the results last longer, you must take good care of your hair after keratin treatment. On that note, let’s have a quick look at some important do’s and don’ts after keratin treatment.

Must Do’s Post Keratin Treatment

1. Wash Your Hair After 72 Hours

Woman getting her hair washed post keratin treatment

The first 72 hours after getting a keratin treatment are extremely crucial. Ensure that you keep your newly treated hair away from water. Do not be in a rush when it comes to washing hair after keratin treatment.

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2. Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

Two woman choosing hair shampoo

To keep the shine of your hair intact for a longer duration, make sure that you pick your Professional shampoo after keratin treatment wisely. Please do not settle for cheap shampoos with harmful chemicals; instead, you must opt for Godrej Professional’s sulphate free range of shampoo’s i.e. Keracare Recharge shampoo for frizzy hair & Keracare Repair shampoo for chemically treated hair.

  • 3. Deep Condition Your Keratin-Treated Hair

    Woman getting her hair washed in a salon | Godrej Professional

    Deep conditioning nourishes your keratin-treated hair and helps them glow. You can consider using a sulphate-free deep conditioning hair mask occasionally. This will prevent the effects of humidity and keep your hair smooth and glossy. Keracare Recharge Conditioner & Keracare Repair Mask are the perfect choice.

  • Things Not To Do Post Keratin Treatment

    1. Do Not Overwash Your Hair

    Overwashing your hair may strip off the keratin sooner than you would want. Therefore, you must avoid washing or shampooing your keratin-treated hair too often.

    2. Do Not Try Different Hairstyles

    Woman with golden brown hair doing hair bun | Godrej Professional

    Avoid trying different types of hairstyles for a few days post keratin treatment. The less you fiddle with your hair after keratin treatment; the longer will the results of the treatment last.

    3. Avoid Bleaching Or Colouring Your Hair

    Woman getting her hair coloured in a salon | Godrej Professional

    Make sure that you do not bleach your hair once you are done with keratin treatment. The same thing is applicable for colouring your hair too. If you wish to colour your hair, you must do it before the keratin treatment and not afterwards.

    4. Do Not Use Hair Care Products That Contain Sulphate

    Sulphate can be detrimental for your newly treated hair. Some hair products, especially shampoo and conditioners, contain sulphate that can severely harm your keratin-treated hair. Hence, it is advisable to opt for sulphate-free hair care products.

    To ensure that your hair remains in good shape after keratin treatment, you can consider using Godrej Professional keracare range shampoos. These keratin treatment shampoos are sulphate-free and do not contain added parabens. Moreover, these shampoos will help you preserve the keratin treatment and revive your chemically processed hair.

    While the keracare range shampoos are designed for aftercare, the kerasmooth protein reconstruction can be used for effective keratin treatment of your hair. The kerasmooth protein reconstruction treatment is an advanced, formaldehyde-free formulation that replenishes the natural keratin in the hair. It transforms wavy, curly, and frizzy hair into smooth and shiny locks. So, do not hold yourself back and spot the desired look by providing your hair with the best keratin treatment, today.

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