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Blonde Hair Colour

Best blonde hair colours for every skin tone

When it comes to blonde hair colouring, there’s no denying how beautiful and special it looks if you get the shade right. This also explains why many women covet their blonde hair colour shades. Besides, blonde hair colouring also lasts longer compared to other hair colours. But how do you know if going blonde is right for your skin tone? Worry not! Read our guide on blonde hair colours and the skin types they suit.

1. Honey Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Honey Blonde

Wonder how gorgeous subdued honey hues would look on your locks? This elegant honey blonde shade can transform your hair as it strikes just the right balance between subtle hints of vibrant blonde and light brown. The honey blonde hair colour would be most suitable for medium skin tones with dark eye colours.

2. Copper Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Copper Blonde

Nothing looks more electrifying like the copper blonde shade. This colour is the perfect way to amp your look without deviating much on the vibrant scale. It is a magnificent blend of stark bronze hues and warm red that look intense and vivid at the same time. And the best part is, it can make a great match for both warm and cool skin tones. Why wait, get your hair game racing, now!

3. Pink Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Pink Blonde

Want to set your bold hair game on point? Try this pink-infused blonde hair colour and set hearts racing all over the town. This colour is proof that the blonde shade doesn’t only pertain to varying shades of golden. Pink blonde adds a super cool and eye-catching twist to the entire concept of blonde and gives it an amazing poppy tint. Pink blonde will help you sport the on-point look if you have a fair or medium complexion.

4. Platinum Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Platinum Blonde

Looking for a cool yet chic look? Meet platinum blonde, the coolest in ‘Blonde-Town’. When done right, this shade will stir up a storm among your fashionista friends. Faint golden highlights mixed with grey undertones are the best match for women with fair skin tones. Planning to go viral? This is the perfect shade for you!

5. Ash Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Ash Blonde<

Understated yet desirable, this ash blonde shade is here to give you major hair goals. This shade has grey undertones with popping blonde streaks that add character to those with pale dark hair. Ash blonde looks best with naturally darker highlights tinted all over your hair. The darker roots in such hair types make it different from platinum blonde hair. Ash blonde hue will be a perfect match for those with warm and medium skin tones.

6. Strawberry Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Strawberry Blonde

Having a hard time picking between red and blonde hair colours? The strawberry blonde hair colour is here to your rescue. This shade is a typically berry-tinged blonde that primarily has red undertones. Think of it as a lovely blend of warm golden blonde and light red hues. This shade is ‘berry’ good for Indian blonde-haired ladies with warm skin tones.

7. Ice Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Ice Blonde

Do not shy away from admitting that you’ve been desiring the suave and super-cool look of Hollywood A-listers. This ice blonde shade will take your blonde hair colour game acing like never before. It falls more on the cooler side of the colour band and leans primarily towards pale white. Ladies with fair skin, this is your ideal match!

8. Golden Blonde

Blonde Hair Colour-Golden Blonde

When it comes to golden hair colour shades, golden blonde is the most talked about in the beauty space. It is a multidimensional blend of gold, honey, and butter for a gorgeous sun-kissed look. Waiting for the best part of this golden blonde hair colour? It looks like bright sun rays gliding up your strands. If you’ve got an olive skin tone, this golden hair colour is for you.

These blonde hair colours are the best hair embellishments that suit every Indian skin tone without a doubt. You only need to be careful and choose a shampoo that will protect your blonde hair from the brassiness. Pick a shampoo that is suitable for your colour-treated hair. You can try Godrej Professional hair products to take care of your coloured tresses in a better way.

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