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Before and After Keratin Treatment

All you need to know before and after Keratin Treatment

With a change of seasons, you may observe your sleek, smooth, and straight locks change into hot messes. No matter what hair care products you try, your frizzy hair seem too stubborn to settle down for good. Well, we hear you! Battling to perfect the straight hair game can get challenging, and therefore, you need a keratin treatment – your ultimate game-changer for smoother and manageable locks. Sounds interesting, right? Here, we’ve put together some tips on what to prepare before and after a keratin treatment.

How And What To Do You Need To Prepare For A Keratin Treatment?

Before and After Keratin Treatment-Before Keratin Treatment

Here’s what you need to know before you take your keratin treatment.

    • Start with deep conditioning your hair a week before your keratin treatment.
    • You can either use a store-bought conditioner or make a DIY conditioner by combining mashed avocados with an egg and a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it to your dry hair and tie your head in a towel.
    • Rinse with lukewarm water once you’re done deep conditioning your hair.
    • Refrain from using hair oil or heavy conditioners two days before the treatment because it may disturb the straightening process.
    • If you have plans to dye your hair, then make sure you get it done directly before the keratin treatment. The reason being, it seals in the colour and increases its shelf-life, making it appear more vibrant.
    • Before you prepare to take a keratin treatment, check the weather forecast. This is because keratin treatments are best suited for rainy days.
    • If you are a pregnant or nursing woman, then keratin treatment is not for you.
    • Finally, the most important bit – make sure to stock up on sulphate free conditioners and sulphate free shampoos. You can use the consider using following sulphate free shampoo and conditioner by Godrej Professional:

Once you have checked all these above-mentioned points, your next step is to know what to expect during the treatment.

What to Expect During a Keratin Treatment?

Before and After Keratin Treatment-During Keratin Treatment

First up, your hair will be cleansed twice with a sulphate free shampoo to ensure that your tresses are clean, free of any residue, and ready to absorb the product. Next, the keratin solution will be applied to your wet hair and carefully combed through. You can ask your hairstylist to use the Godrej Professional Kerasmooth Treatment. It is an advanced formulation that helps replenish the natural keratin in the hair, transforming wavy, curly or frizzy hair into beautiful, smooth and glossy locks.

The time taken for keratin treatment depends on the formulation you use, and the texture and volume of your hair. Lastly, the shape of your hair is further adjusted with a blow-dryer and then with a flat iron. This is done to seal in the solution and create a humidity-resistant finish for smooth, soft, and silky strands.

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How to Care For Hair after Keratin Treatment?

Before and After Keratin Treatment-After Keratin Treatment

After a keratin treatment, your hair needs complete care for 72 hours for optimal and long-lasting results. Therefore, adhere to these guidelines without fail.

  • Use a shower cap when bathing.
  • If you sweat after working out, immediately blow-dry and flat iron your hair with medium to low heat.
  • Say goodbye to hot tubs, saunas, and steam showers for a while.
  • When you wash your face, use a shower cap to hold back your hair. If you have long hair, tuck it into the back of your dress.
  • If you have an urge to tuck the hair behind your ears, then stop! It’s a strict no-no!
  • Do not make any impressions on newly straightened hair using rubber bands, clips, sunglasses, or hats.
  • After your hit the bed at night, sleep with your hair loose.

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