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How to get Shiny Hair

9 tips on how to get shiny hair for the perfect look

Aiming for that perfect look? Well, don’t forget to pay extra attention to your mane. Shiny and glossy hair can boost your overall appearance and help you inch closer to your desired look. And the good news is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts on all those pricey fad treatments for getting flawless and glossy tresses, instead, you can pick up some daily hair care habits that make a significant difference. Wondering how to make your hair soft and shiny? Read on to learn about a few essential hair shining tips:

Tips for Getting Shiny Hair

1. Avoid Over-shampooing Your Hair

How to get Shiny Hair-Avoid Over-Shampooing your Hair

The answer to, “how to get glossy hair?” lies is your hair washing regimen. If you shampoo your hair daily, you’re more likely to have dull and frizzy hair. This is because over-shampooing may strip off the natural oil from your hair, making them rough and coarse. Therefore, it is advisable that you must not shampoo your hair daily, instead, consider washing your hair twice or thrice a week.

2. Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

The hair products that you use play a crucial role in defining the health of your hair. Avoid using harsh shampoos, instead, opt for shampoos that are packed with essential nutrients that help your tresses regain their lustre. You can use the following shampoos by Godrej Professional as they come with a touch of nature and will make your hair smooth and manageable:

3. Invest In Hair Mask

To optimize your hair care, using a hair mask from the same range can settle the deal. Once you shampoo your hair, remove the excess water for your locks and apply the hair mask evenly to the lengths and ends while avoiding the scalp. Leave the hair mask for at least 3-5 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. Using hair masks on a regular basis will rejuvenate your locks and add extra sheen to them. You can consider using the following hair masks:

4. Avoid Using Hot Water For Hair Wash

How to get Shiny Hair-Avoid Using Hot Water For Hair Wash

You must avoid using hot water to wash your hair as it can make your locks dry and frizzy. On the contrary, cold water seals cuticles that keep your hair shaft laying down, leading to shinier hair. Moreover, using cold water will also keep your hair colour intact for a longer duration.

5. Do Not Comb Wet Hair

How to get Shiny Hair-Avoid Over-Do not Comb Wet Hair

Once you wash your hair, allow them to air-dry before combing. This is because wet hair is more prone to damage. Also, make sure that you use the right brush to comb your hair. Using a wide-tooth comb would be a good idea.

6. Prevent Sun Damage

How to get Shiny Hair-Avoid Over-Prevent Sun Damage

Exposure to the sun for a longer duration can take a toll on your locks. Therefore, you must consider wearing a loose-fitting cap if you spend ample time out in the sun. You can also consider applying the Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum to your hair before venturing out in the sun. Enriched with UV protect ingredients, this serum will help keep the shine of your locks intact.

7. Minimize The Use Of Heating Tools

How to get Shiny Hair-Minimize The Use Of Heating Tools

This is one of the most important hair shining tips. It’s no secret that excessive heat can damage your tresses. Therefore, you must try to minimize the use of heating tools such as straighteners, curlers, blow-dryers, flat irons, etc. To prevent your locks from getting damaged, you can consider applying the Shampoos & Hair Serums to your hair before using heating tools. This heat protectant cream will retain the moisture, leaving your hair detangled and shiny.

8. Avoid Using Numerous Hair-Styling Products

How to get Shiny Hair-Avoid Using Numerous Hair-Styling Products

Using too many chemical-laden hairstyling products can harm your strands and affect their shine in the long run. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to, “how to get shiny hair?” you must always try to keep your hair-styling products to a bare minimum.

9. Eat A Balanced Diet

How to get Shiny Hair-Eat A balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet that contains essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, plays a crucial role in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Therefore, you must focus on having a balanced diet and avoid junk food if you wish to sport glossy locks. Consider a diet full of vitamins A, C, E, and omega-3 fatty acids to support shiny hair growth.

Now that you know how to get shiny hair, ensure to make the most of it to keep your locks fabulous and glossy. There are several hair care products offered by Godrej Professional that can help you keep your locks healthy and shiny. To know and buy the perfect hair care products visit our Godrej professional online store.