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8 Common curly hair mistakes and how to avoid them

8 Common curly hair mistakes and how to avoid them

Compared to straight and wavy hair, curly hair is comparatively more difficult to tame and maintain. Curly hair is generally more delicate and, depending on how tight the coils in your hair are, it can be more fragile and prone to breakage. Whether you have short curly hair or long curly hair, you need to give it love and a tad more attention than you would otherwise. With the right curly hair products, the process does become easy. Additionally, there are some curly haircare tips that one must always keep in mind. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge, people with curly hair tend to make some common mistakes they should ideally be avoiding. Read on to know more.

1. Using Just Any product

One of the most important haircare tips is to use the right curly hair products. When it comes to curly hair, the right products can do wonders. So don’t pick just any product off the shelf. Make sure you buy a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated specifically for curly hair men and curly hair women.

2. Shampooing Too Often

If you’re someone who steps out every day, then it’s easy to feel like you need to wash your locks daily. However, over-shampooing curly hair can be disastrous! All curly hair tips have one agenda: to ensure hair retains moisture, otherwise, it’ll look dull and frizzy. Hence, shampooing curly hair every day can strip away natural oils. This is especially important for curly hair men who might assume that shorter curls can be shampooed every day.

3. Taking a Relaxing Hot Shower

Who doesn’t love a nice hot shower after a long day of work or before starting your day? But washing your hair in that relaxing process might be a grave mistake. Hot water tends to open up the hair cuticles, thereby exposing your hair and leaving it prone to damage. This is especially dangerous for people with curly hair. Opting for cold or lukewarm water instead is a great curly hair tip as it will shut your cuticles and keep your strands protected.

4. Brushing Curly Hair

This is an incredibly common mistake that curly hair women, as well as men with long curly hair, must avoid. Curly hair, when wet, is all the more vulnerable and can break easily. Brushing it will only do more harm. Simply run your fingers through your curly hair when it’s wet and let it air dry. Another curly haircare tip is using a wide-tooth comb on dry hair before shampooing.

5. Blow-Drying In a Hurry

Letting your curly hair dry naturally is one of the most beneficial curly hair tips. However, life is not always ideal. While people with short curly hair can afford to do that, those with longer curls end up using a blowdryer when they’re in a rush sometimes. Unfortunately, the heat released from the blowdryer is very harmful to your curls. One way around it is to use a diffuser to control and limit the direct hit coming at your coils.

6. Sleeping With Open Curly Hair

Especially for curly hair women, sleeping with your long hair open through the night is a strict no! The friction between hair and the pillow can be detrimental to your hair. We recommend using the pineapple trick — pull your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head and loosely tie it up using a scrunchie. This will make your hair look like a pineapple and keep it protected through the night. The curly hair community really swears by this haircare tip.

7. Skipping The Leave-In Conditioner/Serum

A simple shampoo-and-conditioner routine might be enough to keep straight or wavy hair frizz-free, but for people with long or short curly hair, it’s not! Your curly hair products must include a lightweight leave-in serum or conditioner. It will keep frizziness at bay, act as a moisturizing agent, and form a protective barrier. Godrej Professional’s Shampoos & Hair Serums is enriched with UV protect ingredients and effective in taming frizzy hair. It can be used by both curly hair men and women.

8. Not Getting a Trim Until Absolutely Necessary

Getting curly hair trimmed regularly is an essential haircare tip for anyone determined to maintain healthy hair. While this is a universal rule, it is even more important for people with curly hair as not getting rid of those split ends in time will make your curls appear dry and frizzed. 

The key to healthy curly hair is striking the right balance between curly haircare tips and curly hair products. Whether your curls are tight or loose, short or long, keeping them lustrous and healthy is what everyone wants and with the right hair care routine, one can easily achieve that!

In addition to following the haircare tips mentioned above, make sure to always use sulphate-free haircare products. Godrej Professional has a wide range of sulphate-free products which can be accessed and bought via our Godrej Professional online store.