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6 Hairstyles for hot summer days

6 Hairstyles for hot summer days

Come summer, there’s always so much to look forward to — comfortable clothes, visits to the swimming pool, sipping on cold beverages. But all these good things come at a price. A big part of summer is also endless perspiration and to be honest, that can be quite irritating. Wearing relatively airy and loose outfits is one way to tackle the sweating problem, but what about the hair? Sweating often ruins our hairstyles, leaving us demoralized and helpless. Moreover, it also makes hair frizzy and dry. 

To help you battle these challenges, we have prepared a helpful list of easy summer hairstyles that guarantee an extremely chic look while also keeping your hair out of your face so you can about your day without any hurdles. The hairstyles mentioned below are easy, unaffected by sweat, and stay all day!  

Read on for summer hairstyles for long hair as well as short hair.

1. Hair Wrapped Ponytail

Tying your hair up is an easy summer hairstyle for long hair but how can one pull it off differently? Instead of using a scrunchie, simply wrap your ponytail with your hair. The hair-wrapped ponytail is eternally chic and never goes out of style. While wrapping your hair around the ponytail, keep spraying the Godrej Professional Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair to avoid unwanted fly-aways. This is a great hairstyle for hot weather.

2. Pushed Back Bangs

Having short hair in the summer can be all the more troublesome. Short hair is difficult to tie. Moreover, if you have bangs covering your face, then they can be quite an inconvenience during summer. There’s a simple way around it: headbands. Pushing back your bangs with a trendy and fashionable headband is an amazing summer hairstyle for short hair. It’s cute, it’s quirky, and requires no effort! Consider washing your hair with Godrej Professional’s Keratin Rich Shampoo and mask so that your hair looks strong, bouncy, and nourished all day long.

3. French Braid Bun

Generally, a sleek hair bun is all you need to survive the summer season. It’s a classic one known for being a hairstyle for hot weather. However, if that’s too mainstream for your taste, add a french braid to it. Thereby making it a cute summer hairstyle that’s also quick and easy. All you have to do is divide your hair into two sections, neatly french braid each side, and then pull it together in a bun. To avoid tangled hair, use the Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray on your hair.

4. A Messy Top Knot

A messy top knot is another easy summer hairstyle for long hair. It has a unique cool-girl charm that is ageless and attractive. A cute summer hairstyle, the messy top knot is suited for long hair and achievable in just minutes. Lightly brush your hair before pulling it up into a half ponytail such that it creates a loop at the top of your head. Use your hand to make the loop appear voluminous and you’re good to go. Since this can be a delicate hairstyle, we recommend using our Hold It Hair Spray so that your top knot stays in place for long.

5. Double French Braid With a Bow

For those with short hair, this one is a unique hairstyle for summer months of the year. French braid a certain section of your hair on both sides. Then pull the braids to the back and tie them together using a bow. Alternatively, you can also use a clip that looks like a bow. This will keep your frontside locks out of your face so you can roam around freely despite the sweltering heat.

6. Funky Space Buns

Parting your hair from the center and then tying them up in two funky space buns is very much in vogue these days. This is a great hairstyle for summer 2021 for anyone with medium to long hair length. The space buns can be placed either at the nape of your neck or a little higher, depending on how comfortable you are. If you want it to look slick and sophisticated, tighten the buns. However, if you wish to go for a more casual look, then let them be loose. You can also accessorize your hair any way you want!

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your hair and go all out with the cute summer hairstyles that we’ve suggested. For women with long hair, the aforementioned hairstyles should do the job as they’re stylish and easy. For women with short hair, tying your hair up can be a struggle. However, just remember that simply by including an accessory or two, you can glam up and get an easy summer hairstyle!

Men, too, shouldn’t hold back. Style your hair in all kinds of different ways using our Mold & Hold Matte Finish Hair Wax. It’s a unique non-greasy formula that provides grip and a sleek matte finish to your appearance. To buy it, visit the Godrej Professional e-store and get shopping!