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6 Best South Indian bridal hairstyles

6 Best South Indian bridal hairstyles

From the beautiful kanjeeveeram saris to the magnificent jewelry donned by south Indian brides, south Indian weddings are a complete marvel! The brides’ makeup is always so elegant and on-point. The wedding outfits of both the south Indian bride and groom are exquisite. In addition to all this, the women are also known to flaunt their unique bridal hairstyles

Indian bridal hairstyles are generally the epitome of creativity and beauty. Making use of flowers, jewelry, and traditional hair accessories for south Indian brides — each one is unique in its own way. In fact, with just jewelry or flowers, each hairstyle can appear distinctive. As the wedding season approaches, here’s a list of some of the best south Indian bridal hairstyles for women.

1. An Exquisite Floral Jada

A very popular south Indian bridal hairstyle, a floral jada combines the best of both worlds by decorating a traditional hair braid with flowers. South Indian weddings are big on using flowers and this is easily reflected in their bridal hairstyles where flowers are used as a hair accessory for south Indian brides. Whether it’s daisies, roses, or jasmines, one can never go wrong with the choice of flowers. Before braiding your hair, consider washing it with the Godrej Professional Honey Moisture Shampoo, which will give you lustrous hair!

2. An Embellished Jada

South Indian weddings are pretty big on gold jewelry so it only makes sense for it to become a part of south Indian bridal hairstyles as well. Instead of going for a floral jada, you may opt for a more opulent hairdo by adorning the braid with real or fake gold jewelry. Not everyone might be comfortable with the idea of gold as hair accessories for south Indian brides, but if you do choose to opt for this, be prepared to mesmerize the wedding guests! Use the Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum to get a glossy look!

3. A Classic Hair Bun Covered With Mogra

Hair buns are a timeless south Indian wedding hairstyle. They’re elegant as well as convenient. However, one way to make a simple hair bun more attractive is by decorating it with mogra flowers. Your wedding hairstyle will not only look breathtaking but smell it too! Covering your hair with flowers can make it heavy, thereby pulling it down. Make sure to spray the Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray so that the bridal hairstyle stays strong and lasts long!

4. A Decorated Bubble Braid

A bubble braid consists of puffed-up sections of hair that are braided and held together by a rubber band. These ‘bubbles’ look chic and are incredibly photogenic, thereby making it the perfect south Indian bridal hairstyle. A typical bubble braid will fall loosely across the length of your back. You can also pull it to one side and drop it over your shoulder on the front. Decorate it with small shiny embellishments and you’re good to go! This one is a unique south Indian wedding hairstyle. In case you’re struggling with frizziness while doing your hair, use the Godrej Professional Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair.

5. An Elegant Bun Paired With a Faux Braid

Going for a simple bun or a simple braid might feel a little done and dusted at times. In such situations, don’t hold back from experimenting. Wrap your hair up in a neat bun. Adorn the bun with flowers or any other hair accessories for south Indian brides. Then, attach a faux braid for the aesthetic and you’re sure to make heads turn all evening!

6. A Regal Crown Braid

Hands down one of the best south Indian wedding hairstyles, a crown braid will accentuate the beauty of your face. You can either braid your entire hair or leave some of it open at the bottom. Embellish the braid with little shiny stones or traditional south Indian jewelry for a distinct Indian bridal hairstyle. If you wish to leave your hair open, you can also add some curls. Getting professional highlights done will make your Indian bridal hairstyle stand out even more! 

Now that you’re all set with ample knowledge of the best south Indian bridal hairstyles, there’s just one last thing to pay attention to. No hairstyle is complete without a proper haircare routine preceding it. If your hair isn’t clean and well-nourished, your hair won’t have the glow it needs. To ensure healthy hair, follow this haircare routine and enjoy what comes after!

  • Make sure your hair is nicely washed with a nourishing shampoo.
  • On damp hair, apply the hydrating Godrej Professional Quinoa Smooth Mask. This will help restore the nourishing oils in your hair.
  • Next, gently apply a few drops of Acai oil to keep your locks shiny and smooth.
  • Use appropriate styling products like the Shine On! Shine Spray to achieve the desired wedding hairstyle. 

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