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5 Things To Know Before You Colour Your Hair

5 Things To Know Before You Colour Your Hair

Getting your hair coloured can transform your look. Ensure you get the right hair colour, just the way you like it. However, with so many hair colour options and variants out there, it can get quite confusing. Read on to know 5 things you must know before you colour your hair.

1. Research Is Important

It is very important to have an idea of the look and style you’d like to have. It is always easier to keep a few reference images during your consultation with the hairstylist. This ensures that you and your hairstylist have the same vision of how the hair colour is going to turn out.

2. Compatibility Is Key

Choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone is essential as it can either accentuate your skin tone or make it look dull. We’ve tried the Godrej Professional Colour Play hair colour and it perfectly suits the Indian skin tone. Not only does it look great but it also nourishes the hair with its oil infused technology. Go take your pick from 5 vibrant shades!

3. Prep Your Hair

We can’t stress enough on the importance of moisture when it comes to hair. Deep condition your hair two days before colouring your hair to strengthen and moisturize your hair. It’ll be easier for your hair to soak in the hair colour and keep it locked in.

4. Choose The Right Formula

We know how precious your hair is to you and hence we recommend using the Godrej Professional No Ammonia formula that’ll leave your happy and healthy with its ammonia-free and oil-infused formula.

5. Upkeep Is Essential

Coloured hair needs extra moisture and protection as compared to regular hair. It is vital that your hair care products are gentle and retain the hair colour. Regular shampoos can strip your hair of essential moisture, hence opt for something that is nourishing and protective. The Godrej Professional Hair Care Range gives your hair the protection it needs. Pick from a range of products based on your hair type.

Confused about which hair colour best suits your skin tone? Check out Hair Colour Shades Specially Created For Indian Skin Tones.