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Hair Colour Trends

4 hair colour trends from Godrej Professional worth trying right now

Getting your hair coloured is one of the finest ways to enhance your overall appearance. Be it sassy red, blue hues, or the classics - blonde and brunette, the shade of your locks can add a defining touch to your personality. With several mesmerizing hair colour trends making a buzz in the styling industry, it can get a tad bit confusing as to which shade you should settle for. But, fret not. You need not be baffled as we are here to help you through your dilemma.

Here, we are going to glance through some of the best hair colour trends from Godrej Professional that are worth trying. Depending upon your taste, you can settle for one of these shades, and go about flaunting your tresses with utmost confidence. Read on to know more!


According to the technical ambassador of Godrej Professional, Sylvia Chen, Peek-A-Boo-Ruby hair colour trend is a game of hide and reveal, and it’s perfect for those who want to rock a fun hair shade but can’t commit to an all-over. In this hair colour trend, the top layer of your hair is left untouched while the hair below it flaunts colourful hair. Therefore, the vibrant hues won’t be visible when you wear your hair down, and will only be visible when you wear it up. What makes Peek-A-Boo even more appealing is that you can customize this trend as per your colour preferences.

Balayage Gold Ash

A stunning combination of gold and silver, Balayage Gold Ash can prove to be just the right deal for you this winter. With darker roots finely graduating into lighter ends, the super-trendy Balayage Gold Ash is sure to give you a sophisticated look and make your hair appear thicker.

Tiger Eye Bronze

Tiger Eye Bronze is a magical blend of hazel and golds, coppers and browns, all coming together flawlessly to provide your hair a touch of awesomeness. Say hello to a combination of different shades and take your hair colour game to the next level with the Tiger Eye Bronze.

Moneypiece Highlights

Moneypiece, are also known as ‘face-framing highlights’, are when the highlights are made around the front hairline by using the balayage technique. Opting for the moneypiece highlight will enhance your look, irrespective of your hair length or face shape. The highlights can be of any colour and need not necessarily be blonde. To produce the right amount of contrast and lightness, you must ensure that the highlights are a few shades lighter than your remaining locks.

Now that you are well-aware of the best hair colour trends from Godrej Professional, it’s time for you to sport the coolest look by trying one of these. Once you get your hair coloured, you must make it a point to take good care of your coloured tresses. Use shampoos and conditioners that are colour-safe. You can consider using Keracare Range shampoos and Keracare recharge conditioner by Godrej Professional. These products are sulphate-free and safe for colour-treated hair. To style your coloured locks, you can also make use of the Godrej Professional Hold It Hair Spray. This hair spray will provide a strong hold and a long-lasting finished look without leaving behind any residue.

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